To buy an apartment will be very difficult: the Ukrainians have tightened verification

Купить квартиру станет очень сложно: украинцам ужесточили проверки

Where did the money for housing: the banks tightened the control of consumers apartments

Buyers of apartments in new buildings meet the payment issue – banks are unwilling to transfer funds to the account structure of the companies until such time as will not be confirmed resource the emergence of money. This can be a report on the amount of wages, profits from sale of the last dwelling or a loan from friends.

Loyalty to customers, banks fined

In September 2017, the NBU decree No. 42 requires banks to control all without exception procedures buyers for the sum more than 150 thousand UAH. This means that economic organization is obliged to know from what locations the buyer the funds that somebody wants to put in a Deposit, current account or transfer to another account.

Initially, the bankers reacted to the request of the regulator is cold and has identified a significantly large “inner limits”. Certain banks were interested in the source of the money when listing more than 1 million UAH, other – more than 3 million UAH.

But lately the national Bank is strictly reminiscent of the execution of the order No. 42.

Violators are fined constantly. The ABC in February this year, the NBU did you get a fine Universal Bank of 14.38 million UAH, PRAVEX-Bank – for 200 thousand UAH and the savings Bank is 95 million. First Ukrainian international Bank (FUIB) has acquired the notification: it is necessary to increase the control over economic monitoring, in this case meaning closer to control their own buyers.

White wages or a document about the sale of the property

Requirements of banks touched numerous areas: the purchase of expensive tours, of objects of luxury, cars. But most of all will suffer of course pokupateli apartments. Taking into account that the most affordable housing in Kiev is UAH 500 thousand, to perform control required for virtually all buyers. To prove the resource for the emergence of money, the consumer dwellings capable of some methods.

The ideal version is a big service of salary payment that gives you the opportunity to be required the necessary amount for the purchase of housing.

Short term fix: you need to overpay

But the majority of consumers can not boast of such significant service jobs. In this case, it is possible to go another by. “The Bank needs to inform you that the funds were accumulated before. If a consumer sold the property, including 10 years back, it is possible to apply the help on this. The Statute of limitations for securities which prove the fact of accumulation of funds,” said tax expert at the Kiev center of support and development of business of Alexander Tomashevskaya. According to her, in order to prove the circumstance of accumulation of funds, should provide a statement of the receipt of considerable wages, for example, in 2007-2009.

Option is to borrow from a friend

There are other methods to justify that the funds in indoor justly earned. For example, relatives or friend is able to provide loans and to issue this actually. “However, with the goal given to him personally, should inform, in what place he took the money. For example, to help demonstrate the considerable earnings, and in this case, difficulties will not arise”, – says Alexander Tomashevskaya.

Good version – a gift from a wealthy father and mother their own children in the name of what is purchased housing. However, in this case, you should resort to the notary and to assure act that would cost 1% of the donated amount.

Accumulate in the housing in Kiev: for THIRTY years, tightening the belt

Some experts Stroy market forecast that this kind of oversight from the edge of the NBU to handle small developers who receive funds from consumers “over the counter” in cash, and then with the help of different techniques without the help of others transfer the funds to their own account. However, in this case for the user appears a different threat: invest in under construction or a dwelling that will be years to connect to the modern conveniences (water, electricity, gas) because the developer may simply not be licensing of securities construction and land.

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Купить квартиру станет очень сложно: украинцам ужесточили проверки

Купить квартиру станет очень сложно: украинцам ужесточили проверки