To Caracas from Moscow flew the plane with bags filled with cash – American investigator

В Каракас из Москвы прилетал самолет с сумками, заполненными наличностью - американский расследователь

Gulfstream Turkish billionaire Turgay of Cinera flew to Venezuela without passengers, noted American investigative Custom Ocando.

A few days ago in Caracas from Moscow Gulfstream, flying 4BD283, delivered bags full of cash. About it on January 26 at Twitter, told the American investigative Custom Acando responsible for dealing with Venezuela topics.

“Flight 4BD283, owned by Turkish billionaire Turgay Chinery, arrived in Venezuela without passengers, it made the black bags full of cash. It is stated in the report of American intelligence”, – he wrote.

Avión Gulfstream siglas 4BD283, propiedad de billonario turco Turgay Ciner arribó a Venezuela sin pasajeros y luego salió con bolsos negros (duffels) full de cash, dice reporte de inteligencia de USA, citando coordenadas y manifiesto de vuelo. “Operación bajo investigación”. – Casto Ocando (@cocando) 27 Jan 2019.

The Bell notes that we are talking about the flight, which took off from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on January 23, the same day I landed in Caracas, and back to Moscow, went on January 25. An hour after landing in Vnukovo the plane flew to Turkey.

The publication notes that the history of the aircraft of Cinera the last seven days removed from several sites that track flights.

In Venezuela, the political crisis continues, during mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro there killed 35 people.

In opposition to Maduro with the opposition, Ankara has supported the current President of Venezuela.