“To chop” from the heart more will come: for gamers has imposed tight restrictions

"Порубиться" от души больше не выйдет: для геймеров ввели жесткие ограничения

The Chinese authorities come to grips with the teenagers of your country who are massively addicted to computer games and spend real life time. Especially popular night online games that so fascinated Chinese children. This site says the channel 24.

It became known that China has banned online games after 22:00 for individuals who have not attained the age of majority. Children and adolescents of China now can not use the computer in the evening and at night in connection with the introduction of a curfew for computer games online. These time constraints will act on all available online platforms in China.

Under strict control were children under 18 years, they will be able to surf online entertainment only from 8 am to 10 PM. At the same time, on the weekdays minors are permitted to play no longer than one and a half hours. In the day children in China could relax a bit and to hold the screen, fighting for the victory in the online mode, up to three hours a day.

Also, the government of China has decided to limit cash proceeds from the young gamers in their gaming accounts. Under the new law, children whose age ranges from 8 to 16 years can make to a personal account is not more than 200 yuan (29 dollars) per month, and parostky aged 16 to 18 years can translate a maximum of 400 yuan (57 dollars).

At the same time in China at the moment working on implementation of the registration system of real names, instead of the widely popular nicknames, which allows gaming companies to verify its users ‘ personal information with the national database.

All these actions are aimed at controlling adolescents who live exclusively online, forgetting the value of live communication.

Recall that while worldwide the 5G technology is just being implemented, the Chinese again overtook. After the global launch of the fifth generation when all over the country, in China, tackled the question of technology 6G. This even created a national group.

"Порубиться" от души больше не выйдет: для геймеров ввели жесткие ограничения

"Порубиться" от души больше не выйдет: для геймеров ввели жесткие ограничения