To ensure safety on the roads “Baltika” sets elablorate on their cars

Для обеспечения безопасности на дорогах «Балтика» устанавливает алкоблокираторы на своих автомобилях

Brewing company “Baltika” continues to implement a policy of responsible consumption and the first Russian FMCG companies implementing elablorate run engines for cars in its fleet.

This is another measure aimed at improving the safety standards of the company’s employees on the roads and providing conditions for safe work.

The company “Baltika”, part of Carlsberg Group as a market leader, committed to continuous improvement of internal standards both in terms of improving the level of customer service and security. The first 300 vehicles equipped with alkalicarbonate start the engines joined the fleet of the company in Voronezh, Moscow, Rostov, Samara, Saint-Petersburg, Tula and Yaroslavl. In total, “Baltika” more than 2,000 vehicles, which are moved daily staff, including delivery of products to customers. Therefore, it is important for Companies to be confident that the staff who run this transport, travelling safely both for themselves and for other road users.

According to the statistics of Rosstat, about 8% of all accidents occur in the state of alcoholic intoxication of the driver. More than 51% of the respondents surveyed by traffic police, I believe that driving in an alcohol intoxication is a problem that needs to be solved at the Federal level.

Until recently such equipment in Russia was equipped with only a few cars are “high risk category” as a rule, carrying dangerous or valuable cargo. Baltika also hopes to draw the attention of other leading manufacturers of Russia on existing opportunities to improve road safety.

The equipment of cars of the company “Baltika” alkalicarbonate implemented in the framework of the strategic program of sustainable development “the Goal 4НОЛЯ: together for the future”, and it is one of the priority objectives – “ZERO irresponsible consumption.” This is a long-term strategic goal of the company, designed to contribute to the development of society.

The company “Baltika”, as well as throughout the Carlsberg Group, have adopted a policy of responsible consumption, in accordance with which the cars should be the most equipped altablagerungen. In all markets where the Carlsberg Group operates, made an effort to struggle with such problems as the consumption of alcohol by minors, driving a vehicle in an alcohol intoxication and excessive consumption of alcohol. Employees of Carlsberg Group, under any circumstances, should not drive a car drunk, both during working and after hours. It is worth noting that employees “Baltic” I understand the responsibility of their duties and comply with current legislation, and therefore cases of driving while intoxicated do not exist.

In 2018, Baltika has implemented a number of measures in the framework of increasing levels of responsibility to society and staff: all vehicles are equipped to assess the quality of driving wide functionality (GPS monitoring) on the loading technology used in warehouses, the company installed speed limiters mandatory monitoring through a system of telematic control, new cars are equipped with hands free system, cargo car – DVRs.

Sergey Suchkov, senior Director of logistics for Eastern Europe: “As an industry leader, Baltika introduces modern business management methods and is actively using effective global experience, including in the area of security. Every employee, no matter what position in the company, he did not hold, want to see the conditions of his labor were worthy and safe. Therefore, Baltika successfully operating several priority programs aimed at responsible consumption and the reduction of accidents to zero. In their implementation actively involves all employees of the company. Equipping cars with alkalicarbonate start the engines is a preventive measure that meets global trends, because “the Baltic” there was not a single case of driving employees in the state of alcoholic intoxication”.

In Russia the services market for equipping vehicles alkalicarbonate start the engines underdeveloped. So first the company was a great deal of analytical work, during which equipment was selected that meets the requirements of “Baltika”. In addition to ease of installation and use, the equipment must stably operate in any climatic conditions, because the cars of the company “Baltika” are working across the country – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Technical issues installation and configuration of altablagerungen have been agreed with car manufacturers. In the end, was selected the hardware manufacturer is a canadian company ACS – Alcohol Countermeasure Systems and supplier – LLC “Rolf estate Sankt-Peterburg”.

Sergei Karasaev, product Manager at ALCOHOL COUNTERMEASURE SYSTEMS CORP: “We know that Baltika had a serious dimension, before choosing a manufacturer altablagerungen. We are very pleased to cooperate with the largest Russian brewing company. I am confident that together we can make movement on the roads even safer.”

The feedback received from employees, on cars that have elablorate confirm that the advantages of such devices to employees is obvious: confidence in the willingness and ability to safely operate a vehicle, additional insurance that protects against mistakes subjective assessment of his condition. Lablachere is a mechanism, devoid of emotion and working within a clear framework of standards that allows you to rely on its accuracy and objectivity.

Brewing company “Baltika”, part of Carlsberg Group – the leader on the Russian beer market with a substantial lead from the competition, one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Russia. Baltika owns 8 factories in Russia, a wide portfolio of brands. The company is a significant part of Carlsberg Group and its East Europe region, which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Brewing company Baltika is a leading exporter of Russian beer: production of the company is represented in more than 75 countries. Due to the high quality brands of “Baltika” are holders of more than 670 Russian and international awards of professional and consumer contests. Learn more about the company on the website or on the official page of Vkontakte.

The principle of operation of elablorate the same as the breathalyzer used in the traffic police. Need to blow air into the mouthpiece elablorate for 4-6 seconds. Based on the analysis of the sample alablaster allow you to start the engine, or block the launch. The permission for engine start is valid for two hours and after this time to start the engine again to pass the test.