To escape from the virus. What is the cost to rent a house or flat in different regions of Ukraine

Сбежать от вируса. Сколько стоит снять дом или квартиру в разных регионах Украины

In the Metropolitan area for rent is the same as to shoot four three-Volyn, Zhytomyr region or.

Ukrainians have rushed to withdraw holiday homes and cottages for the duration of the quarantine.

According OLX real Estate, heaviest in the first quarter of this year, intensified the tenants of such areas:

  • Ternopil region – the number of those who responded to ads increased by 25%;
  • among people in search of houses became more residents of the Kiev region – 9% compared to the previous quarter, but proposals for them have also increased by 22%, while almost throughout Ukraine, there is a decline in the number of proposals.

Intensified and property owners. For example, it is now a good time to find a suitable option in the Kiev region. Compared to March 2019 there was more than the proposals for rental housing in the city by 5%.

Growth proposals can be noted in the Kherson region – 4%.

Almost half of the regions of the country were more likely to offer to rent a small house up to 4 rooms.

For tenants

The cost of rent of country houses depends on the region.

According to the first quarter, the most expensive would cost to stay at the cottage or in the cottage in Kiev region – there are on average asking nearly 28 000 UAH/month. Compared to the fourth quarter prices increased by 28%.

But the budget proposals can boast of Sumy and Kharkiv region. Here to spend time on a country Hacienda is only 2000 UAH/month. Moreover, compared with the previous quarter prices in the second region fell to 1000 UAH.

Cheaper now to rent suburban housing in the Odessa region, because here at home fell by 12% compared to March last year. The average rent per month here right now is 15 000 UAH.

Save can the residents of Zhytomyr region – a year ago, landlords were asked 3350 UAH per house, today it can be rented for 2200 $ /month.

There are regions in which there was a small rise in price.

For example, most of the cost has risen in the Kiev region, where we are looking for both small and large homes. Compared to March last year, prices here have increased more than 50%.

Also more have been asking landlords in Transcarpathia – have to pay to 5100 UAH compared to the same month in 2019.

To report and will have the rent of the house in the Volyn region – UAH 3000, Lviv and Mykolaiv regions – 2400 UAH.

For buyers

To purchase your home now is the best time in the Odessa region the prices are decreased by 10% compared to the previous quarter.

Significantly more offers for the sale of cottages, houses and villas in comparison with the fourth quarter of 2019 in the Rivne region by 8%.

More interested in the acquisition of property were residents of Khmelnitsky region those who responded to the message was a 12% increase.

But in Ivano-Frankivsk region is growing in both demand and supply. In comparison with last year the number of listings increased by 9% and became more interested 11%.

Apartment prices

Across the country, prices for rent of apartments has not changed significantly.

The first cost of renting one and two bedroom apartments remain, Kyiv region. However, it is worth noting that this is hardly the only region where you remove the housing you can now significantly cheaper landlords have been asking for 7% less money.

The budget “odnushki” can be removed in Sumy and Kirovohrad regions they ask for 3000 UAH/month. For comparison, the same amount you can pay for three-pointers in Volyn and Zhytomyr.

In the Metropolitan area for rent is the same as to shoot four three-Volyn, Zhytomyr region, or an average of 12 000 UAH.

But the best “kopeck piece” can boast of Sumy and Chernihiv regions here for such housing will be asked of only 3500 UAH/month.

“Record holder” for the growth in the number of proposals of apartments for rent Ivano-Frankivsk region. Here a noticeable increase in ads compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 for all types of apartments: one – room-33%, two 25%, and three by 21%.

If to speak about purchase of apartments – now is the perfect time for those who have been dreaming of your own “kopeck piece” in the Odessa region, because their value has decreased by 2%.

Also has fallen in price “odnushki” in the Cherkassy region of 3%.

But “treshki” in Ukraine is almost not cheaper price changes can be noticed mainly in a big way.

Actively look for a one-bedroom apartment became volhynians here, the number of people who responded to the announcement of the sale of apartments grew by 12%.

And in Transcarpathia there are more of those who are looking for a two bedroom housing by 10%.

A number of proposals for sale increased by “odnushki” in Transcarpathia 15%, and “treshki” in the Rivne region of 14%.

Сбежать от вируса. Сколько стоит снять дом или квартиру в разных регионах Украины