To find the killers Kusaka and corrupt

Найти убийц Куцяка и коррупционеров

Will the progress in the investigation into the murder of journalist Ian Kusaka to withdraw Slovakia from the political crisis? On Thursday the National crime Agency announced the arrest in the southern city of Kolarovo several suspects in the case, which caused a series of resignations in the government. Since the beginning of March in the capital city Bratislava held a protest – the largest since the Velvet revolution of 1989.

Police spokesman Michal Slivka:

“The special division of NAKA (National crime Agency) has detained individuals suspected of criminal activity with violence. Conducted searches in several houses, the details we can’t share”.

The participants of the protest – the next one will be held on Friday – need to investigate not only the murder of the journalist, but also a corruption case, about which he wrote.

Joseph Kozak, father of the murdered:

“More specific information we have. We know only that it is linked to articles Jan, in particular, about the mafia, about the relations between the Albanian and Italian mafia, and governmental agencies. This was his last article”.

27-year-old Yang Kozak and his fiancee were shot to death in February in his home in the suburbs of Bratislava. The records mentioned the name of former Prime Minister Robert fico, who resigned in March on the wave of popular indignation.

Ministry of interior of Slovakia promises to do everything possible to find out the motives of the crime and find the killers. As part of the investigation, which employs more than 90 professionals interviewed about 200 witnesses.

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