To get rid of cellulite is possible and in house conditions

Избавиться от целлюлита можно и в домашних условиях

Darovoe body is the key to good health and a great view. In the pursuit of beauty women are wondering how to get rid of extra deposits on the waist and hips, and especially the “orange peel” – cellulite.

To always look attractive and have a slender figure, you should follow certain rules.

Regular exercise

Movement – the main enemy of excess body fat. Not a daily drudgery for three hours in the gym, enough three times in a week to devote to training for 40-45 minutes. Accent do strength exercises and cardio. To fight cellulite on stomach help the load on the press. The main thing – regularity.


Twice a week the skin should be massaged with abrasive means to remove the dead layer of cells. This activates the blood circulation and provide active oxygen saturation of the skin. Perfect, in this case, there is a scrub made at home, using coffee grounds, olive oil and sugar.


Daily spill alternately with hot and cold water. Start with 10-20 seconds, gradually increasing the duration of the session. The skin becomes more elastic and your metabolism will accelerate. Besides, it will favorably affect the whole body.

Anti-cellulite massage

To break fat capsules or nodes, which are the basis of cellulite, you need to have a direct effect on the skin. Massage is the perfect solution. It can be done with the use of vacuum cans, special cellulite massager or just with your hands. Sessions preferably carried out twice or three times a week for 5-10 minutes. You can take a warm shower for better effect.

Anti-cellulite products

An effective addition to massage will be the use of anti-cellulite products: cream, butter, or lotion. Shops and supermarkets are overflowing with cosmetic products of industrial production, so you can choose them for any skin type and for every taste. They will provide the skin a more taut appearance, and cellulite will become less visible.

Following the rule “In healthy body – healthy spirit!” you will always have a good view and a good mood.