To protect the brothers Komarinyh in court a lawyer Rudkovskaya and Jasmine

Tver court arrested the brothers for two months, and we now know who will protect them in the face of justice.

Защищать братьев Кокориных в суде будет адвокат Рудковской и Жасмин

After the incident in the coffee shop was under investigation two players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, as well as the brother of one of them, Cyril Kokorin. Despite the fact that the attackers repent, after two months, they appear before the court.Today, 12 October, it became clear that to protect the brothers Komarinyh in court will be the famous Tatiana Stukalova. “Has today, 12 October, 2018 18:30 to accept an appointment to defend Komarinyh for precisely the same reason which had previously prevented it. I expected that custody will not take them. The election of a preventive measure in the form of detention is an exceptional measure, to be elected in case of impossibility of application of other measures”, – said the lawyer.

Защищать братьев Кокориных в суде будет адвокат Рудковской и Жасмин

Apparently, Tatiana believes that it is the officials who were attacked players insisted on their detention to punish, so to speak “in full”. The woman has repeatedly defended celebrity clients. She was able to defend in court the interests of the Jasmine, which was beaten by her husband and achieved a compensation of five million rubles. Also she was able to win from the ex-husband Viktor Baturin Rudkovskaya her children and obtained full custody for Yana.However, it is believed that even such talented and know anything about the law, the human rights activist will not be done for Komarinyh relief in this case because they crossed a line and now simple apology on the Internet, they will not get off.

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