To put all Ukrainians rigidly turned to Zelensky

Посадить всех: украинцы жестко обратились к Зеленскому

Ukrainians told, what is expected from the presidency Zelensky.

The results of the vote in the second round of the presidential elections the confident victory was a former showman Vladimir Zelensky. July 3 will be the inauguration of the new guarantor of stability, and while the residents of Kherson told in the comments on Facebook what they expect from the presidency “public servants”.

Lena Yushchenko I expect economic reforms: growth, industry, open new enterprises (Ukraine must not be a raw appendage of Europe), new workplaces, growth of salaries and living standards. Want honest government, eliminate corruption, fair judicial system, no division of people into class II (crowd, mass) and class for which its laws (the untouchable caste). It’s a good start.

Dmitro Fomenko Welder to Build a new structure of power:

1 to reduce the number of deputies

2 transplant enemies of the people

3 to remove the immunity

4 to deal with the reforms in medicine (to withdraw from a diploma training Suprun)

5 to restore order to the pension reforms

6 to revive their Own industry!!!!!!!!

Yanchyn Mila I would Like to see the posts of professionals, not nurses, Directors of market civilians (where you need to be a lawyer). Effective state control over the industries. But the main thing should be verkhovenstvo laws!

Valery Kalinin I believe him. But, if you do not stop the war at once, immediately dissolve Parliament it’s not going to happen. Will not give. It is clear that they have conceived. They want to deprive the President of power. Make it pocket. And the power to give the Prime Minister planted to gunpowder. This movie will end. While there is support for people to IMMEDIATELY DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT AND STOP the WAR

Tatiana kukhtina Remove nematologist with deputies, to destroy corruption, to carry out new reforms in health care, justice, pension Fund, introduce a 2 nationality a lot of cases for the new President and his team!!!And of course to stop military action!And we, in turn, should help.. and who is against Zelensky and who.. after all..the result is one of Our Ukraine!

Roman Golovko Lowering and stabilizing food prices, utilities, fuel, medicines. Major road repair. Real medical reform, not window dressing. It’s time to introduce Guests. Increase salaries and availability of jobs. The highlights…

Logachov Alexandr to Save the Country, not to push Ordo in the body of Ukraine, aerospace (defence), the EU and NATO, MOV, fight against corruption, the land market with fair rules, a liberal economy with support for small and medium businesses, the visa regime with Russia, the investment climate for direct investment, the tax on the capital and 5% forgiveness for existing…..

Vitaly Cheban To the road for 2 years was in Europe. V. R. was reduced to 100 deputies to the maid, janitor, worker in a year received a W. P. 10,000 UAH. at these prices and the dollar.

Lena Dolinskiy To pensioners and all poor people are not rummaging in the garbage to look for something to eat, to lead the country in a normal concussion so that people living abroad could return to their native land.

Посадить всех: украинцы жестко обратились к Зеленскому

Посадить всех: украинцы жестко обратились к Зеленскому

Посадить всех: украинцы жестко обратились к Зеленскому

Посадить всех: украинцы жестко обратились к Зеленскому