To recover from COVID-19 impossible, scientists

Вылечиться от COVID-19 невозможно, - ученые

Recently the doctors came to the conclusion that to completely get rid of the consequences of the infection COVID-19 impossible. So, every third patient who has had the disease, will feel the effects of the coronavirus life.

The main complications are associated with lung damage and in the number of lifetime symptoms, doctors call chronic fatigue and psychological disorders.

At the same time, there are opinions that COVID-19 can lead to irreversible brain damage. This means that the probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The conclusions were made after observing the health condition of former patients of middle age with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Despite the absence of pathologies were recorded chronic fatigue and loss of ability to work for long periods of time. Moreover, almost 30% of recovered patients in the future face the risk of development of pulmonary fibrosis. And the 10 % recovered from COVID-19 diagnosed acute heart damage, transmit Podrobnosti.