To refuse IMF money: the Finance Ministry called the strategic task of the Department

Отказаться от денег МВФ: в Минфине назвали стратегическую задачу ведомства

According to the Minister, until 2022, Ukraine will complete the current program with the International monetary Fund.

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko called the strategic task of the Ministry of deliverance from the direct financing of the International monetary Fund, announced the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

According to Marchenko, this is the Ministry of Finance has developed a draft action Strategy of the Ministry until 2023, presents for public discussion.

“In the document with the working title “self-Sufficiency” (Graduate from the IMF) overall we are talking about five different directions. These include an effective budget expenses; tax incentives of the economy; prudent financial and debt policy; high-quality cadres and digitalization; unshadowing”, – stated in the message.

The Minister expressed confidence that by 2022 Ukraine will finish the current program with the IMF, and by 2023 the new format of cooperation.

“I see our country is not a recipient of resources, and the donor experience and technical assistance. This is an ambitious but achievable goal. It requires step by step action plan, with clear objectives and tight deadlines”, – quotes the press service of the Ministry of Finance of the words Marchenko.

The Minister called the steps to do this. In particular, the decrease in the ratio of debt to GDP to 55%, reform of the public banking sector, halving non-performing loan volumes and increase the size of guaranteed compensation of deposits of individuals up to 800 thousand UAH.

In addition, urgent steps Marchenko called the creation of the financial investigation Service instead of the tax police, the introduction of “zero declarations”, the conclusion of the shadow of gambling, and restart 2021 State tax service and state customs service to the status of a single legal entities with updating personnel by 50-60%.

“Prepare the electronic excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products. Already started a pilot project for the automatic registration of export, and by the end of this year we expect up to 500 customs declarations per day will be issued automatically. In the future will gradually expand the list of customs procedures, which will best be carried out without human intervention”, – quotes the Minister press service.

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