To return Donbass to Ukraine: the General security service revealed the trick of the Kremlin

Вернуть Донбасс Украине: генерал СБУ раскрыл хитрость Кремля

Russia still hopes to return to the Ukraine from the occupied districts of the Donbas on their own terms. The Kremlin sees this as almost the only opportunity to influence the future of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the former Deputy head of the SBU, the General-the major Victor Yagun in an interview with “Apostrophe”. He noted that ORDO, if returned, will become an effective instrument of influence in the hands of the Russian Federation.

The General believes that the Kremlin made on Donbass the same mistake as before in Transnistria.

“In Moldova the Transnistrian conflict is no more than a quarter of a century. But she does not have the influence that Russia might wish to have. She made the same mistake in Ukraine: citizens who have had the opportunity to politically influence the life of the country in the Moscow line, just cut off from the political life of the state. And it all went in the opposite direction from the desired direction of the Kremlin”, – said Yagun.

“So it is with Ukraine: Pro-Russian mood of the population cut off from opportunity now to influence Ukrainian politics. Russia understands that this factor has significantly reduced its influence on Ukrainian politics. And if the Crimea understand the situation, then ORDO they understand – this area should not just be part of Ukraine, but also to exert a significant influence on Ukrainian politics”, – he explained.

As stressed by the General security service, reintegration of Donbass – the only way to “return of the votes for Pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, to increase the number of Pro-Russian electoral electorate and, thus, to influence the future of Ukraine”.