To search for life: NASA launches mission to Jupiter’s moon

Для поиска жизни: NASA запускает миссию на спутник Юпитера

NASA approved the mission to search for life on Jupiter’s moon. The mission called the Europa Clipper. The launch mission is scheduled for 2025.

As writes the edition, the BBC, the device will go to the ice-covered moon of Jupiter called Europa.

Under the ice cover of the satellite is the ocean depth of 170 kilometers. Scientists believe that this environment can be suitable for living species.

Now the program has passed the important stage called “the point With key decision”. This is an important step, signifying further implementation of the mission.

The details of the mission. Europa Clipper, would conduct a study of Jupiter’s moon, in particular, check whether the ocean beneath the ice to support life. Also, the device will study gravity in Europe, internal heat, which support the ocean in a liquid state, and more.

On Board the spacecraft, NASA will be nine instruments with cameras and spectrometers. They will take pictures of moon’s surface. Also on Board is a magnetometer, which determines the strength and direction of magnetic field and the radar, which will determine the thickness of the ice cover.

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