To steal in 60 seconds: Thieves on scooters began to be plundered banks

Украсть за 60 секунд: Воры на самокатах начали ограблять банки

The suspect in the Bank robbery used a scooter “Jump” as the vehicle.

In Texas, fleeing from the crime scene the robber used an unusual vehicle to escape – scooter. The suspect, 19-year-old boy by the name of Luke P. Mandarino, according to police, walked into a Bank in Austin and passed a note to a teller with a demand to surrender cash. After receiving the money Mandarano fled the scene on an electric scooter “Jump”.

The fact that the two-wheeled scooter maximum speed of about 15 mph was not the only disadvantage of the scheme suspect, because he also used my account in the app “Jump” to rent a scooter. Trying to run away from the scene for “60 seconds” thieves using the services of renting scooters and scooters must download the app and pay the rent before they will be able to use the vehicle, the rental payment is calculated per minute.

Police began their investigation, using records from surveillance cameras to trace the route that the suspect left the scene on an electric scooter. Then they could use the evidence taken from the footage to compare the data of the suspect with his or her account in the app “Jump” after it asked the company Uber, the “Jump” to cooperate in the pursuit of the robber.

The crime was committed in December 2018, and last week Mandarano was accused of robbery. Now the suspect is awaiting trial. By the way, this is not the first crime on unusual vehicles. Moreover, that they themselves are trying to steal, so also used in other cases. Before known cases of such use of skateboards and scooters.