To the floor, and more!

До плинтуса и дальше!

Author: Mykola Vasylkiv

Harmful advice Zelensky, how to catch a rating of Yatsenyuk on the level of percentage fat yogurt.

New ratings from KIIS produced a bombshell

New ratings from the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS) caused a sensation on the level of a bombshell.

Normally, fall

Sociology showed that the rating Zelensky… falls rapid Jack. For me, of course, it’s amazing how completely incompetent person can be the highest rating in the country, but it is rather a question to the mental abilities of those Ukrainians who voted for the “young, green”.

It remains an open question, whether Zelensky beat records – specifically, record Yushchenko and Poroshenko drop in the rankings – and while it is clear that the figures – a stubborn thing. And if in September, the rating Zelensky was 73%, as at the end of November – 52% (in this case the measurements KIIS). Of course, before Poroshenko’s 12% or Yatsenyuk 9% even as the standard of living in the European Union, but as they say, the trend is clear.

Rating fall Zelensky 21% for the three months of autumn is a request for a record that requires to think why this is so. If in one sentence, then minus 21% is a symptom hard mass frustration.

At the election of the Ukrainians urged to vote for “new faces”, and now suddenly it turned out that Ukraine was occupied by some perverts, Deputy Minister of easy virtue, “morons” and rapists. Thanks for the collapse of Zelensky, of course, need to tell of the “Servant of the people”, which, drifting from scandal to scandal, Stakhanov pace sculpts an image of a group of inadequate people, a gathering of rapists with previous convictions like Deputy Ivanisov, fans of the envelopes with money like Tishchenko and fans of selling love like Yaremenko.

The right way Yatsenyuk

In which terrible fever I could vote for this? – asks the little Ukrainian. And at that time the Minister of economy Milovanov admits that he is “a moron”, then tells how he wrote the diploma “for ukurkom” marijuana. Prime Minister Goncharuk cuts through the Cabinet on the scooter, admits that he has a diploma of education “non-standard” (that is, no, as we understand it). Now you understand why a government meeting closed from the press?! Because if a simple Ukrainian, that is, without notes, hear what they are talking about a government “public servants”, that Zelensky will still be jealous of the rating of Poroshenko.

And let’s speculate in the style of “bad advice” that you need to do to the President Zelensky, soon to catch up with a rating of Yatsenyuk? Without a doubt, to downgrade Zelensky will help the Cabinet of Ministers and numerous deputies from the faction “people’s Servant”. And I must say, they have work to do. For example, the theme of bestiality in the faction of the “servant of the people” is not disclosed at all!

First and foremost, Zelensky we must continue to please the ultra-nationalist voters in the presidential election voted for Poroshenko. And, accordingly, continue to spit on opinion of Ukrainians who voted for Zelensky, because I was hoping for peace in the Donbas and the termination tariff of the genocide, because tired to look at the shameless faces Svinarchuk and other accomplices Poroshenko, who was not afraid to steal because he had a “roof” in government.

Of course, you need to cheat on their constituents. For example, the election promise to “carefully study” the controversial law on total Ukrainization, but in reality to give him a start in life and to designate a main sprechender that threatens to extrude everyone who enjoys their constitutional right to speak in that language on which want. Then, of course, need to rapidly train and unleash movnyh inspectors and encouraged snitching “Patriotic” citizens that they are “snitching” on colleagues and neighbors because they speak Russian, Hungarian or Bulgarian language. Especially a policy of forced Ukrainization, of course, “appreciate” the predominantly Russian-speaking South-East, at the elections gave Zelensky record number of votes.

What are the rates? The President joked

Go ahead. That there care, most Ukrainians? According to sociology, the war in the Donbass and utility rates. According to the KIIS, 45% of respondents noted that their housing and utility costs in October 2019 rose compared to October 2018. 14% admitted that they spend on payments for utility services more than half of your family’s income. In comparison with the year 2015, the proportion of poor increased from 6 to 14%.

To speed up the collapse of the rating, you need to colleagues Zelensky constantly reminded that “the President joked,” when he criticized the tariffs during the election, as rightly put by the Deputy Andrey Gerus.

What else was there promise? Oh Yes, on the eve of elections to the Parliament on 21 July Zelensky recorded video behind the wheel of a Tesla, in which he promised to abolish the fee for communal for Ukrainians over the age of 70 years.

Zelensky said that “our guys economic model of how people who are over 70 and they can’t, not only because the retired and physically unable to work, and they already did a lot of work for 40, 50 years in the country as that person does not pay a communal flat”.

Believing in the promises about the law of Ukrainianization, utility tariffs etc many elections I voted for “the Servant of the people” for the first time giving the chance to the President to be in Parliament fully of the Union majority. And what do they see now? Just the end of November, people bring in bills for heating, elderly people feel nervous from the space of numbers, they drink Valerian and sage. And here just in time was the Premier Alexey Goncharuk, who said, as the cut that the Cabinet will not cancel the utilities for those over 70. Notice how the Prime Minister has correctly combined the unity of time and action, Oblomov expectations of Ukrainians who believed Zelensky! Downright talent of the playwright!

Of course, in this situation Zelensky in any case impossible to reduce tariffs, and either answer “nothing about it heard” or “I understand” or “it does not matter to me, and to the mayor.” If someone does not know, is the most popular clichés Zelensky, the most frequently stated during the press-marathon in a fast-food restaurant in September.

Experienced vs incompetent

We can seriously accelerate the decline in the rating, if Zelensky will continue to demonstrate incompetence and incompetent for President. And here, amid the incompetent leader of the nation will be advantageous to look even Poroshenko or Tymoshenko. Looking at the collapse of support that the sociology, it becomes clear why the ze-officials with “school friends” Kolomoisky is trying to “stifle free speech” and select the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne from the current owner.

Because when a simple Ukrainian looking for, say, a great interview Viktor Medvedchuk, then Willy-nilly start to think, and if we have people sitting in the presidential seat?

What to say, even if part of the “servants of the people” – wedding photographers, unemployed and coaches start to get confused and occasionally vote for initiatives Medvedchuk, as it was with voting for VSK on investigation of the tragedy on 2 may 2014 in Odessa. Because man sees Medvedchuk in an interview without the paper uses indicators of the state budget, average wage, GDP growth, etc., calls the problem, and offers suggestions on how to solve it, but still argues the economic calculations. And, in contrast with Medvedchuk, because and because guarantees that for six months in the chair, but has not fulfilled any of its promises, and all the questions only said “I understand”. And you open your mouth, and I want to send it to the President to deal with things, and some consumer goods advertising.

But that rating is not stopped halfway, you need to continue. As you know, is coming on 31 January, when the contract expires between “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom”. COBOL and Vitrenko failed negotiations in a trilateral format “Russia – Ukraine – EU”, but cannot stop, and almost daily put forward “Gazprom” new claim as if he is never going to sign a new contract on the purchase and transit of gas.

Norman turns

It remains, of course, hope that the issue of gas will be solved on the “channel meeting” with the participation of Macron, Merkel, Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. Of course, Zelensky, if he wants the same rating as Yatsenyuk, or at least Poroshenko, it is necessary to stubbornly ignore any offers to sign a new contract with Gazprom. Anyway not to spend time on all these “Norman format”, but instead to give in Paris a press-conference to demand from EU to stop the “Nord stream-2”, because it is not in the national interest of the United States.

In General, continue in the same spirit, Vladimir! Ultra-nationalists will never support it, how not to bow. And those millions who voted for You will soon curse the day and hour when they robbed themselves and their children and grandchildren for another five years a hopeless life in a state of war, depression and poverty.