To the lawyer Emile Corbeau not let his defender: a well-known cause – 24 Channel

До адвоката Еміля Курбедінова не впустили його захисника: відома причина - 24 Канал

The occupants did not allow the prisoner the day before on 5 days of the Crimean lawyer Emile Corbeau his counsel of Eden Samelaw.

As reported by “Crimean Solidarity”.

Explained by the fact that during the weekend no lawyers or visitors allowed. With Korbeek lawyer was able to talk only by telephone.

Emil said that the conditions of detention are satisfactory, only asked to give him water and cigarettes.

Managed to talk to him on the phone. Feels OK… just Asked cigarettes and clean water. I immediately gave him,
– reported Semental.

Eden Cementas plans to visit the detainee on Monday.

What the occupation authorities accuse of Emile Corbeau?Russian occupation authorities accused him for propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or paraphernalia of extremist organizations. All through the post Emil in Facebook with a picture of the forum of Hizb ut-Tahrir 2013 in Simferopol. Moreover, for this post Kubedinov has already served administrative detention for 10 days in January 2017. Hizb ut-Tahrir – an organization that is considered terrorist in Russia and Kazakhstan. It is known that the purpose of the organization — the restoration of a just Islamic way of life, Islamic state (Caliphate) and implement it in an Islamic system.

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