“To wash, not to air”: some of us came up with a spicy way to escape from the heat

"Мыть надо, а не проветривать": харьковчанки придумали пикантный способ спасения от жары

Very often we see on the streets of various freaks, which attract our attention is the appearance, or unusual behavior. Kharkiv residents witnessed a strange phenomenon on the streets.

In a network there was video of one girl in a red dress tries to do the twerk, and the second to take it all on camera. Removing emotions overflowed. The video appeared in one of popularnych communities of Kharkiv in social networks Facebook and Instagram.

“Well, at least someone takes normal vlogs” – is reported in the caption to the video.

Comments exploded with laughter Ukrainians, as the traffic girls are very incompetent:

“Well, in September the new iPhone comes out”, “she has the constipation and she pushes a piece of shit?”, “As this disease is called?”, “Hot air”, “totally fucked up”, “At nettwerk like”, “Where to throw the money for treatment?”, “Twerk at Kharkiv”, and “Degradation of the nation, cultural level of the country”, “can’t CP*be – don’t hurt f*n”, “to wash, not to air”, “Profursetki interamnia”, “the Horror, so why the shame and do not respect themselves?”, “People are divided into two types: 1. improving intellectually. 2. Shaking my booty”