Today detained the owner of “Poltavaoblenergo” at that time, as the AMCU has fined the firm for conspiracy on the Nikolaev tenders

Сегодня задержали хозяина "Полтавабудцентра" в то время, как АМКУ штрафовало фирму за сговор на николаевских тендерах

Today, June 19, in the premises of the Antimonopoly Committee of employees of SBU detained the actual owner of OOO “Polevaulter” Araik Amirkhanyan. This was reported by the correspondent of “Our money” out of Committee.

Details of criminal proceedings, in which detained Amirkhanyan, is still unknown.

The detention took place on the day when the Temporary administrative Board of the AMC has imposed 15,6 million UAH. a fine on LLC “Polevaulter” and “SK” Dorlider “” for the distortion of results of tenders 17 of the housing and communal services Department Nikolaev city Council.

As the Chairman of AMKU Yury Terentyev, each of the companies received was 7800000 UAH of a penalty.

As established by the CTE of the Nikolaev AMKU, “SK Dorlider” has won all 17 investigated road tenders in competition with the “Poltavaoblenergo”.

Note that according to the “Prozora”, said the company played not 17, but only 21 of the tender, the results of which 2017 were signed contracts with a total value of 58 million 240 thousand UAH.

In the framework analyzed procurement antimonopolschiki found that the company:

used the services of one person for the preparation of estimate documentation;

the head of the tender Department in one company was the daughter of the founder of another;

used the same material-technical base;

had permanent business relations among themselves;

provided financial assistance and loans to each other and associated company;

I employed the same individuals, sometimes at the same time;

used the same IP address;

filed a similar, structurally and visually the bidding documents containing identical speech errors.

It is also known that during the STI a search in the office “Dorlidera” revealed the seal and stamp of “Poltavaoblenergo”.

The Chairman of AMKU Yury Terentyev said that “Polevaulter” is the most active Complainant in public procurement 2018.

“Last year, the Committee received nearly 170 complaints construction of roads. Due to the low quality of documentation and errors in the actions of customers the vast majority of these complaints were satisfied, ” – said Terentyev.

Market LLC “Polevaulter” long believed “bidding Troll”. The company has demolished a number of “cheats” tender documents the GARDEN in different areas, by which in each region over the years “tenderete” specified company. Upon demolition of these “cheats” in the AMC firm began to receive public contracts, whose value from 2016 to date has reached more than 2 billion UAH.

The company was repeatedly accused of substandard work in the past year, the SBU searched his office. However, substantive allegations of arrests, the security forces still do not put forward.

Thus, the activity of the company contributed to the fact that in may of this year, the Ministry announced changes to the DBC, which should be clearly defined allowed time for the transportation of asphalt mix since the release of stacking up (3:00). The uncertainty in this issue gardens years was used as an opportunity to cut off the unwanted contractors, then narrowing, then widening demand time for transportation ABS.

Recently, the road builders came up with a new razor for annoying the builders, in particular, “Poltavaoblenerho”. We are talking about a limited time to receive letters of response from the balance sheet the quality of work performed on a particular contract. Some customers admit they are Dating only a week, others give a month. For companies, this means that the balance in the manual mode will be able to “give” or “not to issue” certificates of each company and to regulate their participation in tenders. It is the “Polevaulter” first began to challenge the requirement of customers.

A decision on the “Poltavaoblenerho” and “BK” Dorlider “” in the case of the distortion of the public procurement means for companies a three-year bidding ban, that is, the inability during this time to participate in the competitive public procurement. The suspension of the decision of the AMC is possible only if the relevant decision court under the claim about cancellation of the disputed decision.


OOO “Polevaulter” is a company with “ustavniki” 0 hryvnia, which is recorded on Slavik Aslanyan from Poltava. The contact number of the company are other companies, the numbers listed in EGR – unknown persons have reported their lack of involvement in the “Polevaulter”. The head of the company, Garnik Petrosyan, wash it off as the current Director of “Mykolaivtsement” Araik Amirkhanyan. Petrosyan carried out supervision during the execution of the reconstruction of such contractors as LLC “Yugdorstroy” and “SK” Dorlider “” from group A. Amirkhanyan.

“SK” Dorlider “” is registered in Odessa region Khachik Amirkhanyan, who is also a Director. The first expert was Ara Amirkhanian.