Today in Forza Horizon 4 will be the battle Royale

Сегодня в Forza Horizon 4 появится «Королевская битва»

It seems that the presence of “battle Royale” is already impossible to surprise in the game of any genre. We have already seen “the piano” in “Tetris” and “Civilization”, so it is coming soon in Forza Horizon 4 – a matter of five minutes. Announcing the trailer is attached.

Mode called the Eliminator. It 72 of the player participating in the races shootout. Matches takes place on the standard map of the open world. All start the game on the Mini Cooper, which can be changed to other cars scattered around the world.

In addition, players can race one on one, after which the losers will be disqualified, and the winner can either to improve or to pick up the car of the opponent.

Of course, the boundaries of the map are gradually narrowing, and as soon as they reach the minimum, all the remaining racers have to rush to the finish line. To leave lay territory is not worth it.

The Eliminator starts in a free update today, December 12.