Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of ISA Munayev

Сегодня - четвертая годовщина гибели Исы Мунаева

Four years ago, February 1, 2015, in the battles of Debaltsevo killed Chechen General, commander of international peacekeeping battalion named Dzhokhar Dudayev ISA Munaev.

As you know, ISA Munaev was killed near the village of Chernukhino of the Popasnyansky region of the Luhansk region (12 km from the town of debaltseve, Donetsk region). After his death, the Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal has published a video in which captured frames ISA Munayev, made in the village Chernukhin.

They buried him in the city’s Dnieper river, where later Krasnodonskaya street was renamed the street ISA Munayev.

Recall that ISA Munaev – Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, was born December 20, 1966 in the town of Alkhan-Kala, Achkhoi-Martan district of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. He served 2 years of military service in Afghanistan, received the title of captain of the Riot police while on duty in Central Russia. As soon as he began the First Russian-Chechen war, ISA Munayev has absolved himself of all powers in the service and went to defend their homeland. He was immediately promoted to the rank of major of the armed forces of CRI. Moon was the commander of the 1st assault battalion named LEMI Munayev, had the rank of Colonel of militia. In the interwar years was head of the police Department of Zavadski district. In 1999, Aslan Maskhadov appointed to the post of commandant of the city of Johar (former Grozny). After the outbreak of the Second Russo-Chechen war he led the preparations for the defense of Grozny. Thanks to the skillful leadership, his experience and intuition, he retained a detachment at the exit from Grozny – the losses were minimal. Then, in 2001, General Munaev was appointed commander of the southwestern sector of defense. After a severe injury in 2007, was taken from Chechnya. After receiving political asylum in Denmark, was active in civic and political activities on the coverage of war crimes of Russia in the Caucasus.

After Russia started military aggression in Ukraine, decided to immediately form a detachment of volunteers to go to the aid of the Ukrainians.

“After Russia, violating all norms and principles of international law, treacherously invaded the territory of sovereign Ukraine, taking advantage of its difficult political and economic situation, the consequence of which was the annexation of the territory of the Crimea, we decided to form the international peacekeeping battalion of volunteers name of the hero of the Caucasus Dzhokhar Dudayev,” said ISA Munaev in an interview.

In spring 2014, ISA Munaev has led the international peacekeeping battalion named Dzhokhar Dudayev. The time when the moon actively helped the Ukrainian military on a front line, among his fighters suffered no casualties.

ISA Munaev was posthumously awarded the title of “national Hero of Ukraine” (decree of June 4, 2015).