“Today, the whole system requires new people”: interview with a former member of the list of “public Servants”

"Сегодня вся система требует новых людей": интервью с бывшим членом списка "Слуги народа"

The other day a batch of”public Servant” has presented the list of candidates for early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. In the list were former Deputy defense Minister Yuriy Gusev, however, he soon announced that elections is not. News “Today” talked to them and learned that Gusev had time to do while working in the defense Ministry, and what is the reason for his decision to refuse participation in elections.

– What you as a representative volunteer landing has managed to do in defense? You started with the head of the Department of economic activities and adviser?

– No, then a Deputy Minister. What we found: we for the first time in Ukraine introduced about threshold procurement on electronic platforms, which later received the name Prozorro and was approved as a separate Law of Ukraine. We introduced the first NATO standards in logistics. We have introduced a system of registration of property and housing in the Ministry of defence. Completely replaced, and casual, and field. Implemented structural changes for management of state enterprises. And it’s all actually the work of the team, project office, which was established on my initiative in 2015 that we did in conjunction with the advisors of the countries-members of NATO, with our partners, did the volunteers who came, helped, took a separate direction – be it military medicine or the management of the property, or government procurement – and actually changed the system.

We managed to change a lot, but in fact, even the army and the Ministry of defense in particular, require further reform in order to become effective to meet the approaches and standards of NATO, to which we aspire and which have been approved in the relevant documents.

– Why after 9 months you decided to resign?

– In fact, the position I came in January 2015. At first I was acting, was approved in this post in March, 15-year, and said from the beginning that I’m not going to make a career in the Ministry of defence. My problem was, and is, in principle, it always makes a landing, to come, to change, to start a transformation and to create opportunities for the arrival of new people. New people came, were created by the Office of the reforms, we have completely restarted the cooperation with our partners – informed advisers of the countries-members of NATO couldn’t even log on-site of the Ministry of defence, and when I left, in early 2016, they had a separate office and a very fruitful cooperation, in particular with the Office of reform and reform Council of the Ministry of defence, which I headed.

– About three months after your resignation was not signed. It is already done in 2016.

– Actually it was a discussion, because then my resignation was due to the fact that information began an active attack on the part of individual deputies. In particular, the deputies Committee of the national security and defense. The attack, which lacked any basis. The attack, which began with the fact that I addressed when in 2015 we needed everything – in the form of a new power system, fuel – appealed in particular to the Ministry of defence was transferred fuel fugitive oligarch Kurchenko. And I phoned various deputies tried to negotiate, that we will give you fuel, but you first have to sign the documents. Then there was information that such fuel does not exist, and that it was stolen. Any documents, of course, without having to see the fuel, I didn’t plan to sign. There were threats, I called some members with threats. In particular, called the deputies Committee of the national security and defense. Tried several times to call Mr. Pashinsky. Talked about the fact that the fuel is arrested and transferred to a GP. Later we bought fuel on the procedure of public procurement and said that it is “fuel Kurchenko”, but according to the documents procured fuel was 2015, if I’m not mistaken. Then I even went on one of the bases of fuels and lubricants APU during inspection, looked through papers and examined the trucks. Then began an active targeted attacks on me and the volunteer troops, which are in no way under a had nothing because we were very transparent, we were joined by new volunteers, we were drawn to different processes, and our processes as transparent as possible. In fact, in order to be more transparent, we have developed e-procurement system, which for 6 months of 2015, from 1 July to 31 December saved the state 200 million, purchasing the same things, who have purchased the first 6 months of the year.

Most of the questions that arise today in the information space is fake. Because, for example, experiment with a new system of power in the Armed forces, which was introduced in 2015 by a separate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers considered a success, and now, this experiment expanded to other military units. This experiment introduces approaches to power, which today is very happy soldiers and to hear from them.

What impute that I interfered in the purchase of fuel – while working at the Ministry of defence, I was never a member of the tender Committee, and the fact that some deputies intervened, called with threats, pressure was exerted – it is just a question for law enforcement agencies to assess their activities and why it happened. Moreover, when such attacks have gained an active phase in 2015 year, I appealed to the law enforcement bodies, in particular to the Prosecutor General with a request to inspect my work and possible abuses, which at the time sounded from the lips of some deputies, in particular from Committee of the national security and defense.

– What, in the end, this story ended?

On my initiative, negotiations were held on the revision of the price, and I, not being a member of the tender Committee, insisted that the price should be revised. What’s more – it happened a few days before active to a massive information attack by the deputies Committee of the national security and defense. After that I, in particular, answered questions of people’s deputatova meeting of the Committee. And questions to me personally and to my actions in any way can not be. Moreover, on my initiative as Deputy Minister responsible for coordination, including the Department of public procurement, and was followed by a revision of this price and, accordingly, is including my merit and the merit of individual volunteers and journalists.I remember one day late in the evening we were visited by the journalist Yury Butusov and together with the Chairman of the Board of volunteers David Arakhamiya helped us to understand this situation

Volunteers in the defense Ministry. Why was this necessary and is it necessary now?

Volunteers in the Ministry of defence is a project that allowed us to open a window of opportunity for change and discover the old, hardened post-Soviet system to new people who have never worked in this system. New people came who had not worked in the civil service. They headed the departments have become leaders of projects, went to the Office reforms and became the drivers of those changes, successful projects, which we are discussing today and which, in particular, I am proud as the man who led the reform Council of the Ministry of defence in 2015.

Today, the whole system needs new people. And today, these people come to the Parliament, the presidential Administration. After the formation of a new Parliament, I am convinced that the new people will be more in the various ministries. As you know, I was announced the 41st number in the list of the party “servant of the people”, but after meeting with the President, which took place this week, I received from Vladimir Zelensky offer and made the decision not to go to Parliament. I’m not going to submit documents to the Central election Commission, I will not be a candidate in deputies of the Verkhovna Rada at this time. I will work and help the new team to transform the system of Executive power. I will help the President and new people to come and change this system because of the experience – and, in particular, those information attacks that I have experienced in 2015, and that I have now. Because the system resistance is huge. The system does not want and will not just change. We need a critical mass of new high-quality people who are new values, new philosophy, new principles will come fully transformyour this system in qualitatively new. It is a question of institutions, organizational structures, business processes, it is a question of focusing on results and not on process that been all this time.

Photo: “Today”

– Recently you passed a polygraph test…

– It was my initiative, because the charges that today we hear in the media is fake. They have no reason for them, distorting the view of my activities in the Ministry of defence and, unfortunately, on the activities team volunteer landing in 2015-2016. So I decided to go through the printing independent study in East European center for personnel security. I such a study passed. The results of this study were given to the President of Ukraine, was given the leadership of the presidential Administration in order to make decisions on issues, including my involvement in the future in the new team, to ensure that my experience was useful in the future. I am convinced that all the experience of passing the polygraph is a very useful, very needed experience. It should be used not only for those people who are now candidates. For people who will lead the regional state administration, for future Ministers to officials. Because printing research, research on the lie detector – it shows not only what you did in the past. It also reveals your intentions for the future. Therefore, I believe that such passing a lie detector should be regular. I am convinced that they need to implement not only during election campaigns, they need to implement regularly to ensure that all officials who have involvement in the budget to make important decisions, aware that violations of the law, corruption is inevitable it is suitable will appear in the result of the study on the lie detector. And for him to be responsible for criminal and political.

– There were also questions about apartments for the military.

– In fact, the allocation of funds and the procedure of use of budgetary funds have their own stages. First, we must the funds provided in the budget. In the future, must be approved by the budget program. In the future, must be approved by the budget program passport and should be appropriate allocations. I want to say that in 2015, the year we used all the funds provided for the purchase of housing. Moreover, my initiative was introduced other approaches to housing. People eligible for housing could come and take the money and buy this housing in order to do not the Ministry bought the housing, a person has determined where he wants to get this housing: the city of military service, or elsewhere, for example, after the service family to move to the sea. Add their money and buy another apartment, and so on. And then, I think it was right. Moreover, I think it totally destroys corruption in the procurement of apartments. And purchase of apartments in 2015 and, as far as I know, there are by a separate procedure in the Ministry of defence, where the Commission – which, I also want to stress that I never entered – determines at what price, from which vendors, at what developers to buy housing.

I don’t know if that’s possible now, we made this possible in 2015. And the (people – ed.) took the money and then this money could buy an apartment, the one which will choose, in the place where they choose. And the state, fulfilling its role, gave them prozrachnosti amount of money in order to use it right.

Actually, I think that the main value in the new Ukrainian army is soldiers. And the whole state system needs to work to ensure that each soldier was provided with all necessary.

– The volunteer troops – you had it in the field of volunteering?

– In fact, my coming to the Ministry of defence began with joining the military during the announcement of the first wave of mobilization. I went to the recruiting office and volunteered for the front. I passed medical Commission, met several times with the military Commissars, and at some point I called my friends, who at that time was already using the army and transformation of the Ministry of defence, suggested to direct efforts to change the defense Ministry. Because then there were two front war: the war in the East and the war against corruption Ministry of defense. Then people do not trust this system. Then it was impossible to make a decision quickly to ensure. Then, armed with the Ukrainian army had helmets of the Second world war, and bronicas volunteers who smuggled themselves across the border. I made the decision to go to work in the Ministry. First, I headed the Department of economic activities, together with the big four firms conducted a rapid audit of state enterprises. We have proposed a new form of corporate governance began to exercise control over the manner in which military equipment is used, how were alienated individual objects, and began to initiate the process of returning illegally alienated military facilities. Then, in January 2015, the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has asked me to be Deputy. I was acting and was adopted in March 2015 in this post.

– You were charged that you, supposedly, almost the agent of the Kremlin and transmitting the information…

– Yes attention to me, which is now present in fake news, says that in 2015, we did everything right. We tore the corruption schemes, we are not allowed to steal from the army, we returned illegally expropriated property and, of course, we were fighting against the Russian aggression that was and is in the East of Ukraine, and with Russian agents that were in the APU. Very easy confirm that I have not worked neither with Russian, nor with any other intelligence and agents – including the printing is confirmed by the study on the lie detector. I asked this question, my answer is clearly no, I was not working, not passed on the information, have always worked and will, I hope, will be useful for the Ukrainian state to its defense capacity, regional development, capacity increased. I am convinced that people who, in particular, will see our interview, and clearly give an estimate of the fake information stuffing, which for the last three or four days actively appear on the Internet, which was not the last three years and which began to appear after the announcement of my name on the callback list of the party “servant of the people”.

– You were accused that you have in the Declaration increased revenues.

– I confirmed – including, for printing the study – in 2015-m to year when I was accused that I plan to build a house in Germany (which is a fake), I said, and now say: if anyone finds undeclared property – I will give. And it’s very simple: if you find the home of Gusev in Germany, or some undeclared assets, including earned by illegal means – I will give great pleasure, or give to charity.

– How psychologically difficult it was in the defense Ministry at the time?

– Very difficult. The system is very complex. In fact, the polygraph is one of the things we proposed in the Ministry of defence in the 15th year. And, as far as I know, the polygraph has identified individuals who had been dismissed from office not only on corruption but also on the basis of possible collaboration with the country-aggressor. And it should continue, need to be cleaned. Moreover, I think that the whole post-Soviet system of government it is necessary to restart and I believe that it is even a separate mission of our generation. And I’m sure we will succeed!

We will remind, earlier the news “Today,” he told who of the Ukrainian stars gathered in the Parliament.

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"Сегодня вся система требует новых людей": интервью с бывшим членом списка "Слуги народа"

"Сегодня вся система требует новых людей": интервью с бывшим членом списка "Слуги народа"