Told as increased rental housing in the capital

Рассказали, как выросла аренда жилья в столице

Last year rent capital apartment in the metro rose by an average of 20%. A little less added the property is located in a remote area.

Most often in the capital rented housing economy class at the price of 5-8 thousand UAH. For the money it is possible to remove both single-and two-bedroom apartment.

The most popular apartments for rent in Goloseevskiy R-n capital, Poznyak, Osokorki. Also demand housing in the Shevchenko and Solomenskiy R-n.

Last year the number of transactions compared to 2017 have increased by about 50%. In monetary terms, the market practically has not changed.

“The demand gradually began to shift in the direction of small apartments. People do not want to pay for extra yards and more communal. So moving to a smaller apartment. Change one bedroom into a Studio,” says the analyst SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

In 2015-2017-ies on humans had 25-30 apartments for rent. Last year the figure rose to 40 apartments. Today the owners of the apartments are harder to find customers.

According to realtors, from 5 thousand UAH tenants looking for accommodation with a quality repair, new plumbing. 3.5-4 thousand UAH are willing to pay for the rent “with Soviet standards.”

“The increase in demand for rental apartments this year should not wait. The indicators will remain the same as last year – about 2 thousands of transactions per month. In 2006-2007, this indicator exceeded 6 thousand” – sums up Kostecki.