Tom hardy – 41: the most famous actor – 24 Channel

Тому Харді – 41: найвідоміші ролі актора - 24 Канал

Today, 15 September, Hollywood handsome and famous actor Tom hardy is celebrating his birthday. The actor turns 41.

Famous sex symbol of Hollywood Tom hardy easy to remember with its bright and charismatic roles in the movie. Therefore, we propose to recall the famous movies with the actor.

The best movies with Tom hardy:


After this film, Tom hardy was awarded “Best actor”. He played two twin brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray, who became iconic figures of the criminal world in the UK in the 1960s and was led by influential gangs of the East End.


Peaky blinders

The actor played the leader of the Jewish gang Alfie Solomons in the crime-drama series “peaky blinders”. Hero hardy based on the story of a real historical character.



Hardy played the workaholic Ivan Locke and this role was nominated for the British independent film awards as best actor.



Another British independent film award in the category “Best actor” hardy got for the role of Charles Bronson. It is interesting that in order to play Bronson, actor gained 19 pounds for a real occurrence in the image of the most famous and most violent prisoner of Britain.


The dark knight returns

Tom hardy also became famous for the role of a terrorist named Bane who wears a mask that supplies his body with gas anesthetic.


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