Tomilenko about the bill Tkachenko, “On the media”: the Repression on the part of the national Council will be implemented through the court under the shortened procedure. Two days – and the site closed

Томиленко о законопроекте Ткаченко "О медиа": Репрессии со стороны Нацсовета будут реализовываться через суд по сокращенной процедуре. Два дня - и сайт закрыт

The authors of the draft laws “On media” plan to pass the state’s repressive function in relation to the media. About it in interview to the edition “GORDON” the head of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko.

“The state actually include the maximum comfort in the implementation of repressive functions. Because of repression by the national Council [for television and radio] are implemented through the courts, but under the shortened procedure. Two days and your site is closed, it is not in the media. And appeal from the media, which blocked access or whose license away, it will occur already in the normal judicial procedure. You have huge losses, lose the ads, your audience, you, roughly speaking, forget… But even if you are going after and want to come back, you will need months, maybe years, to prove removed you unfairly. Who compensates you for the loss?” – said Tomilenko.

He stressed that the way for repression will be a green light, but to challenge the actions of the regulator: “if not red then yellow.”

“The national Council on television and radio could not cope with radio and television in Ukraine in his address has always been reproaches. Few people, not enough money, what with one thing and another, something interfered. So why should the regulator, which still has not proved he can be effective in two segments, to give powers to the whole field of media?” – added the head of the NUJU.

Tomilenko: Bill Tkachenko, “On the media” – about a mega-regulator with exclusive power to ban any media or blogger. Read the full interview

November 8, 2019 the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed the decree “On urgent measures for the reform and strengthening of the state”, which instructed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to elaborate the draft laws concerning the regulation of media in Ukraine, in particular providing the “regulations on the requirements and standards of news”, mechanisms to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate, distorted information, refute it, as well as the prohibition for individuals and legal entities of the aggressor state to own or Finance the media in Ukraine.

Tomilenko opposed such initiatives.

Bill No. 2693 “On the media” by people’s deputies from “Servants of the people” (among them – Alexander Tkachenko) already submitted to the Verkhovna Rada and is now being discussed by the public. The document should regulate the activities of television, radio, press, online media, stamenkovich of services and platforms common access to information.

According to the draft agenda are Happy it needs to be examined in the period from the 18th to 21st of February.