Tomorrow in Ukraine noted that the Trinity – one of the main Orthodox holidays

Завтра в Украине отмечают Троицу - один из главных православных праздников

7 June 2020 in Ukraine Orthodox Christians celebrate the Holy Trinity – one of the main religious holidays. It is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter. Hence another name for the feast of Pentecost.

Orthodox Easter in 2020, noted on 19 April, so the feast of the Trinity in Eastern rite Christians is on Sunday, June 7.

During the holiday believers glorify the Holy Trinity – the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Trinity is included in the list of the 12 major religious celebrations of the year.

In Ukraine, this religious holiday is an official holiday. Since the holiday falls on Sunday, then the output is automatically transferred to the following Monday. Therefore, the Trinity in 2020 Ukrainians will rest from 6 to 8 June.

Trinity – a celebration of the revival of life. On the occasion of Trinity believers decorate their houses with branches of trees and herbs, which symbolize the rebirth of all life on earth. Ukrainians believed that if to Woo the Trinity and marry the Intercession (October 14), the family life will be long and happy.

In addition, on 7 June Ukraine celebrates the Day of workers of water economy services and the Day of workers of local industry.

On this day, several events occurred in the history of Ukraine and the world. In 1919 on June 7 in new York for the first time conducted a written test to obtain a driving license. After 10 years in this day, in the centre of Rome formed a sovereign state of the Vatican city, and in 1939 the Third Reich had concluded non-aggression pacts with Latvia and Estonia.

In 1945 7 Jun all the Germans in the occupation zones of the allies was ordered to watch movies about the crimes of the Nazis in Buchenwald. In 1967 Israel took control of the wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and in 1991 7 June, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a decision on subordination of Ukraine of the Union of the enterprises on the territory of the Republic.

7 Jun 1998 in Ashford (UK) hosted a concert of the world’s largest orchestra, which played from 2 212 thousand musicians.