Tomorrow is world oceans day and the international day of the housewife and the householder

Завтра - Всемирный день океанов, а также Международный день домохозяйки и домохозяина

June 8 in the world, since 2009, is world oceans day, dedicated to the struggle for the conservation of biodiversity of oceans and stable ecological condition.

This day is also celebrated as the international day of the housewife and the householder is the unofficial holiday dedicated to those who lead a home household.

Orthodox Church on 8 June honors the memory of the Holy Carp – one of the 70 apostles of Jesus Christ. Carp was a companion of the Apostle Paul during his travels, preached Christianity, and was the first Bishop of Veria (Macedonia).

According to popular belief, the Carp brings good fortune to those involved in fisheries. It is believed that this day can not sweep the floor after sunset and go on a trip or change jobs.

Folk omens:

  • if a lot of mosquitoes – at the end of the month will be warm, but rainy days;
  • if the fish seen at the surface and it from time to time popping up in the coming days the weather will be wet;
  • if the ducks dive and splash around – it’s gonna rain;
  • if frogs croak loudly – soon rains.