Tonite on health. At the Zaporozhye resorts there is no one to save people

Тоните на здоровье. На запорожских курортах некому спасать людей

Since the beginning of summer in the Zaporozhye region have already drowned fifteen people. However, the owners of seaside lodges and boarding houses to save on the rescuers, and officials have no money for ambulances.

Kirillovka is one of the most popular resorts in the Zaporozhye region known as in Ukraine and abroad. But the beginning of the holiday season 2019 once again showed a number of serious problems, which have led to human tragedies.

Relatively clean beaches, the warm (though not so clean) sea and the prices are slightly lower than in Odessa, annually attract thousands of tourists, the number of which after the annexation of Crimea has increased significantly. Only in the summer of 2018, this small village was visited by almost 1.5 million tourists. While in the village there are many problems. In particular, there is no centralized water supply and sanitation. Drains recreation facilities and various pensions fall directly into the sea. Thriving natural and illegal trade activities to provide different kinds of entertainment services. In the village only one ambulance, which sometimes do not have time to get to the one to whom such assistance is necessary.

This is what happened a week ago: 18 year old boy decided to swim in a stormy sea, and before swimming slightly (maybe not slightly) drunk. With the element of the young people did not cope and began to sink. Bystanders pulled him to shore and gave first aid, called rescuers and “fast”. At this point Cyril physicians carried a heavy patient in the Akimovka, in the Central district hospital which is 40 miles away from the scene. Therefore, to call for help the swimmer-the loser had from the same Akimovka – the medical team arrived within the hour. The guy performed CPR right on the shore of the Azov sea, but, unfortunately, to save him failed.

A few days later in Kirillovka has occurred another tragedy. Four minor children went swimming. At some point their father, 36-year-old resident of the Dnieper, noticed that kids carry at sea and rushed to save them. The children were rescued, but the man drowned. It is noteworthy that the tragedy occurred on the equipped beach, which belongs to one of the lodges. During the incident on site and even had a sailor-the rescuer, but he was weaker elements. As told in the press service of the Main Department of Public service on emergency situations in Zaporizhia region, the tragedy could have been avoided if, on the beaches, as required by the rules, were qualified rescuers and medics, which the owners of boarding houses and bases of rest simply save.

According to the head of the press service GU gschs in the Zaporozhye area Yulia Barysheva, according to the order of the Ministry of interior, legal persons using the beaches shall conclude a contract with the sailor-the rescuer, which in the holiday season to prevent the death of people on water objects and render the first pre-medical assistance to the victims. In the resort Kirillovka so-called beach area stretches for 20 kilometers along the sea. Almost all the territory is built-up mini-hotels, recreation centers, boarding houses – only officially registered such facilities here more than a hundred and lifeguards on all units. The locals and the staff of health establishments confirm on security, indeed, save. Sailors-rescuers, which should warn tourists about the possible danger (e.g. storm), to monitor the situation on the water and on the beach, to work not for hire. A rescue towers converted into rides or disassembled. Almost any object no and nurses ready to assist in case of accident.

That in the state of recreation facilities should be a doctor and the sailor-the rescuer said and Kyrylivka village head Ivan Maleev. He also confirms that they resort businessmen save. In addition, he complains that the whole village with a population of nearly 3 thousand people, only one car “fast”. In the midst of the holiday season Cyril physicians “insure” colleagues from neighboring Melitopol and Akimovka. However, at the time of the tragic events that claimed the lives of this summer, additional doctors in Kirillovka was not. According to the Director of Zaporizhzhya regional center ambulance Konstantin Malashenko, the problem with the shortage of ambulances in Kirillovka has existed for several years. The fact that the cars need for physicians to purchase a community. At its expense the doctors must build and substation with basic equipment, but its in the resort village also no. The reason? For this purpose, the community, traditionally, there is no money, as well as professional utility rescue.

As have told in GU gschs in the Zaporozhye region, according to regulations, security on water objects – rivers, ponds, the sea needs to take it to the local authorities. On their shoulders rests, in particular, and the organization of work of the rescue stations. For example, in Berdyansk, there are special utilities with a staff of specialists, equipment and plavsredstvami, the main task – to prevent tragedy on the water (only in the Zaporozhye region such KP four). Ten years ago, given the “water content” of Zaporozhye region (Azov sea, the Dnieper, Kakhovka reservoir), then MOE, on his own initiative created a special rescue teams of employees who are in the holiday time on duty on the sea beach. Kirillovka two such detachment, however, to cover all Kirillovskaya coast, but still part of the neighboring Kherson region (Herald island), they can’t physically. Save the situation could investors who invest millions of USD in the construction of a Wellness and entertainment. However, while local authorities failed to achieve with businessmen such arrangements, no ambulance, no boats in the near future Kirillovka, apparently, do not wait. That though somehow to provide basic safety on the water, employees of gschs ask about the help of entrepreneurs, the owners of water attractions. Because they are almost always on the beach and have a water transport that can quickly respond and assist someone who is drowning. Well, and, of course, urge people to be careful and cautious on the water since, except themselves and caring witnesses, do not rely on anyone.

Тоните на здоровье. На запорожских курортах некому спасать людей

Тоните на здоровье. На запорожских курортах некому спасать людей