Top 10 Boxing matches that never took place

The history of the world of Boxing is full of cases where because of the conflict of the promoters, TV channels, failure of the boxers themselves, many expected the fans the fights and have remained only in dreams. We present you a list of the top 10 Boxing matches that never took place.

  • 110. Arturo Gatti, Julio Cesar Chavez

  • 29. Deontay Wilder – Wladimir Klitschko

  • 38. Gennady Golovkin Is Andre Ward

  • 47. Vasyl Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia

  • 56. Floyd Mayweather Kostya Tszyu

  • 65. Roy Jones, Chris Byrd

  • 74. Mike Tyson – David Tua

  • 83. Vitali Klitschko – Nikolai Valuev

  • 92. Lennox Lewis – Riddick Bowe

  • 101. Lennox Lewis – Vitali Klitschko (revenge)

Two legendary boxer, Pets fans, at the end of the 90s were no longer at the height of his career, however, and the powder in their flasks still missing. It was at this time they were in neighboring weight classes. Their meeting could go down in Boxing history as two of the toughest competitors in Boxing, two fighters with strong character.

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Arturo Gatti (photo: Pinterest)

After the older brother finished his professional career, Vladimir was missing one belt to the rank of the absolute champion. Three years the WBC title passed from hand to hand, and in 2015 it won a brutal puncher Deontay Wilder. If, then, instead of fight with Tyson fury Ukrainian managed to negotiate with the Americans, we would see the first in the history of hevilath winner from the four most prestigious belts.

Now Gennady Golovkin 37 years, his brilliant professional career began almost 14 years ago. During this time he became a popular boxer at one time was even the leader of a rating of P4P. But, unfortunately for him, he did not become one of the greatest in Boxing history. Why? Because all the duels held in the limit of average weight. Golovkin also critically lacked big names in the list of defeated boxers. To help in this could meet with American Andre ward. Ward is an Olympic champion, a world champion in two weight categories, ranked P4P in 2017. Their fight could be the biggest in the super Middleweight division is already in the past decade.

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Gennady Golovkin (photo:

Despite the fact that both fighters continue to play and are in the Prime of life, their fight is almost real. The problem is the weight of the boxers. Lomachenko fights in unusual light weight, and after conquering all of the titles it plans to go down to the division below. Mikey Garcia is now in the Welterweight division, and down in limit 61 kilos he is not capable.

In 2003, a young Floyd moved to Welterweight first, it was at this time a champion in two versions in this weight were Russian-Australian Kostya Tszyu. This boxer once won the uncle Floyd – Roger. Tszyu was one of the biggest stars of the time in professional Boxing. Victory over him would greatly speed up the formation of the then young Mayweather. But to go immediately to the United champion Meyvezera did not dare, and two years later Constantine ended his career.

In 2003 Roy Jones conducted one of the greatest feats in Boxing history. He is a boxer-Middleweight was able to climb to the heavyweight division and defeat then-champion John Ruiz. At the same time other Champions in hevewae was Lennox Lewis, Corey Sanders and Chris Byrd. The latter is more suited stylistically, too, began his career in the comfortable for the Jones super Middleweight weight. If you believe Roy, his team wanted to organize this fight was against Chris.

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Roy Jones (video)

Two legendary heavyweight of the 90-ies became famous for his unreal physical strength, in particular its powerful impact. Both tall, about the same height, boxers with bright attacking style. Mike Tyson is a formidable puncher, the youngest world champion in heavy weight. David Tua – a fighter who in their Arsenal was the left side, perhaps the most powerful blow ever saw the world. It is unlikely that the fight went all 12 rounds, but it would definitely bring unforgettable emotions for fans.

After returning in 2008, Vitali defeated in all his battles. And worthy opponents in these confrontations he was not. To correct the problem the Ukrainian champion could Nikolai Valuev, but the Russian fight with Ukrainian disagreed.

If Valuev still went out to fight, the total growth of the boxers in the ring would have made 4 meters 14 centimeters, a record for a championship fight.

The boxers met each other in the Amateur ring, in the final of the Olympic games in Seoul. Then the victory went to Lewis. After that both moved on to professional Boxing, won the title. They regularly spoke about each other in the typical boxers are not too cultural manner. However, their battle did not take place. In 1992, Lewis became the official Challenger for the WBC title, which belonged to the American. Riddick refused to defend the title and defiantly threw it in the trash.

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Топ-10 боксерских поединков, которые так и не состоялись

Lennox Lewis (photo:

“Battle of giants”, which was held on 21 June 2003, is the best fight in hevewae the last decade. A fight in which Klitschko landed more punches and was leading on the cards of judges, resulted in his defeat after 6 rounds because of the cut that he inflicted Lennox. Immediately after the match, the British agreed to a rematch that never took place. First, Vitaly said that he needed six months of recovery because of the cut, and then Lewis even said that he completes his professional career.