TOP 10 car brands most often used in the industry

TOP-10 автомобильных брендов, чаще всего использовавшихся в киноиндустрии

The car is almost the same age as the movie, and is an integral actor extras, the second and sometimes the first plan. The project At The Drive-In ranked the vehicles most often used in the industry. The ranking is based on data of the portal IMBD.

Most of all, 61.683 times on film and television appeared cars manufactured by Ford. Second place, with almost double the lag, is a German concern Mercedes-Benz with 34.675 movies and serials. In third place is Chevrolet with 34.178 movies and serials.

Next come Volkswagen (19.399), Toyota (17.678), BMW (15.267), Dodge (13.598), Renault (12.260), FIAT (11.999). Closes the first ten Cadillac (11.365). Russian GAZ – 21 with a 5.926 films and TV series, and “AVTOVAZ” – on 37-m 3.099 movies and serials.

Among the most popular Directors and writers models lead Ford Crown Victoria, standard American police car appearing on the screens in 6.572 movies and TV shows, said

In second place is the Ford Mustang appeared on the screens in one of the films of “James Bond” and 3.503 movies and TV shows. Third place goes to Mercedes-Benz S-Class with 3.401 film and TV series, including “Kill bill”.

In fourth place is Ford, car van Econoline, lagging behind Mercedes-Benz S-Class for only two films. Fifth and sixth place – Chevrolet Impala and Caprice respectively. In seventh place again in the van Ford Transit. Completing the top ten Volkswagen Golf, Ford F-series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Of Soviet cars in the TOP 50 were only “Volga-GAZ-24”.