Top 10 most “unkillable” b/crossovers

Топ-10 самых «неубиваемых» б/у кроссоверов

Experts of the British edition of “Whatcar?” amounted to an annual ranking of most reliable used/used crossovers under the age of five years, reports RG.

The study surveyed more than 18,000 vehicle owners, and at the final results focused also on how fast and expensive it was to repair such vehicles if it happened.

Kia Soul

In the first place of the rating was Korean Kia Soul, which, if you look, the crossovers include a stretch, because this model, as machines of past generations, will not be offered with all-wheel drive.

Nevertheless, the owners of used Kia Soul totally satisfied with their cars in terms of reliability. The consequence of this is a fantastically high rating – 100% reliability for machines 2014-2019 release.

Toyota RAV4

But the “silver” of the “Japanese” Toyota RAV4 hugely popular in Russia as well, did not cause us any surprise. According to the study, only 3% of owners have complained of technical problems with the electrics and they did not affect the operability of the machine and was fixed under warranty in less than a week. Hence the figure is 99.5% reliability.

Mini Countryman

His “bronze” in the top 10 and indicator of reliability of 99.1% of the British SUV is bound with advanced engineering technologies. Only 5% of owners complained for 5 years of operation on serious problems. Not serious and were associated mainly with the electrics, not related to power lines and flaws in the execution of the interior. All instances remained for five years of operation on the go, and malfunctions were eliminated in less than a week under warranty.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V also proved to be a very reliable car with an indicator of “alamocity” 98.7%. It is noted that all identified faults were rectified by the dealer under warranty in the same day.

But petrol SUV proved more reliable than diesel – only 11% of these machines for five years of operation was a technical problem and they were not associated with a gasoline power unit. It was mostly a problem with the brake system, transmission and clutch.

Kia Sportage

Sample Kia Sportage 2016 climbed to fifth place with indicator of reliability of 98.6%.

The authors of the study called compact “Korean” most reliable family SUV among the participants of the rating, noting that only some copies had a serious technical problem that required repair in the service prolonged for at least a week.

However, it is noted that because of the generous warranty Kia owners have done the repair for free.

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 is located on the sixth place with the indicator of reliability of 98.4%. Based on interviews with owners, experts note that the petrol and diesel versions of the Swedish SUV were equally reliable.

However, they note that during the years of operation 11% of customers complained about technical malfunctions associated with the quality fabrication of body panels, fuel system and navigation software. Half of the machines sent for repair, returned to the owners in the same day. For the restoration of the other half is gone less than a week. All work was done under warranty.

Audi Q3

As for the Audi Q3 and seventh places in the top 10, the study authors noted that no gasoline car will come with a rating of 98% was significantly more reliable than the diesel that scored only 90.4 percent. However, since best sellers were cars with 1.4-liter and 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine, the overall rating was high.

Petrol Q3, according to the study, almost did not give the owners of technical problems. The complaints were received only at electrical and failures in the multimedia system. All the machines during the operation remained on track, but trouble in the service under warranty took more than a week.

Peugeot 3008

Of Peugeot 3008 with a rating of 97.8% in the top 10 managed to get only the diesel version of the model. Gasoline was a little less reliable, but still situated at the beginning of the second ten with an index of exactly 97%.

Mazda CX-5

In ninth place – Mazda CX-5 with the rate of 97.8%. Petrol modifications proved more reliable than diesel, the rating is 96.4%. However, the researchers – in terms of reliability, Mazda CX-5 surpassed such premium competitors like the BMW X3 and Jaguar F-Pace.

Volvo XC60

Finally, closes the “ten” most reliable used mid-size SUV Volvo XC60 with a 97.7% reliability. Experts note that despite the last place in the ranking, Volvo XC60 won an honorable fourth place for reliability in the large SUV class, ahead of such models are the Audi Q5 and Skoda Kodiaq.