Top 20 things that are most annoying drivers

Топ-20 вещей, которые больше всего раздражают водителей

Surveys of car owners showed a surprising result: most people are nervous about machines that are not even moving, reports

Of all the things that irritate and annoy drivers, analysts have compiled a list of the most unnerving.

Analysts of the online service Uremont conducted a survey of over five thousand motorists, men and women, aged 18 to 55 years to figure out what is most irritating in other drivers. It turned out that a third of respondents worse – to see a car occupying two Parking spaces.

The factors for growth of nervous tension are: the movement in the far left lane (21.8% of respondents), “the game of checkers” – frequent change of the occupied bandwidth for no apparent reason (15,6%), disregard of the right of priority to ambulances with siren enabled (10.6 per cent), unreasonable use of horn (10.6 per cent), neglect the high-speed mode (5,1%), too loud music, which is audible even from another car (2.7 per cent).

But this is not all causes of irritation of motorists. Here are a few situations to avoid so as not to incur the righteous anger of others:

dangerous transportation of oversized cargo, improperly secured baggage;

– emergency condition of the vehicle, which may at any time, to die on the road and provoke an accident;

– open “emergency signal” or signal a turn;

– disregard for turn signals and sudden change of course;

– do not clean the snow on car;

– exceeding a safe speed in adverse weather conditions;

– talking on the phone, scrolling and correspondence on the go;

– the flashing light as a request/requirement to miss, even when it is obvious that for such a maneuver has no place;

– the scheduling – overtaking and hard braking in front of the machine, for example, when the driver tries to execute the exit road with only one lane, when almost “slipped” a turn.

– yo-yo – a kind of “game checkers” on a relatively open road, when a car overtakes another, and after a while he slows down, then the scenario is repeated;

stop on the side of too close to the extreme lanes, or partially therein;

– braking other traffic low-speed vehicle on the road sections where overtaking is prohibited;

– throwing garbage out the window;