TOP 3 cars that can safely take with a mileage of 100,000 km or more

ТОП-3 авто, которые смело можно брать с пробегом 100 000 км и более

Among the motorists there is an opinion that buying a used car with mileage over 100 000 kilometers is not rational. Because, supposedly, it was after “hundreds” are beginning to emerge various problems of the car. Below, we presents several models are discussed mileage is just the beginning.

Let’s start with the Mazda 3 BL. This second generation Mazda 3. For this model 2009-2013 G. V., 100,000 miles, as tested. For $ 7,500 you can buy an excellent copy with the unit for 105 HP

A favorite of car enthusiasts – Toyota Rav 4, 2011-2012 G. V., with a two-liter unit 152/182 HP, will cost 7 000 – 12 000 dollars. Machine around good. But the suspension need to pay special attention.

And, of course, the classics – Volkswagen Golf. The fifth generation of this line in the Russian market is equipped with 1.4 and 1.6-litre units at 80 and 102 HP For 5000 dollars you can pick up a very decent car.

It is advisable to choose a machine with a mechanical or automatic boxes. “Robot” is not particularly proven itself.