TOP 3 cars with a capacity in excess of 1000 HP

ТОП-3 автомобилей, мощность которых превышает 1000 л. с

The landmark edition of the car brand Bugatti Veyron was able to prove that the cars power is measured in four digits, can be not only a race of monsters or tuned cars collected in a single instance, but ordinary machines of mass production.

The result of this hypercar became the beginning of a new racing facilities. Vehicles with capacity over 1000 HP began to appear like mushrooms after rain. This was the reason that no founder of this race, nor his successor Chiron is not in this rating. Since their appearance the years there have been more “sharp-toothed” the monster in the world of motors.

1st place – Devel Sixteen.

Reaction to the statement of the Arab of the company Defining Extreme Vehicles, during the Dubai motor show, the beginning of the process of preparing to travel on public roads of megakar with a capacity of 5,000 HP, it has been speculated that the Arab dreamers a little smoke hookah. But starting in 2015, the idea began to acquire real traits. The creators of the 16-cylinder engine which will be installed in the car, posted a video of his test bench, during which he gave on the boost pressure of 2.5 bar absolutely fantastic result in 4515 HP and 4766 Nm of torque! Exceed its just not allowed poster restrictions, although the manufacturer promises to exceed the threshold of 5 000 HP, and to disperse the car to 100 km/h in 1.8 seconds.

2nd place – Rimac With-Two

Some time ago this Croatian manufacturer surprised everyone with the release of its four-engine electric vehicle. His options amounted to 224 of “power” and 1600 Nm, a separate motor control, 2.5 seconds to “hundreds” and 355 km/h top speed. After the release of this car is much rarer to hear the opinion that the electric car is the boring type of car.

3 – Battista Pininfarina

This machine became one of the most powerful of the presented at the Geneva motor show this year. But this project would not have been realized without the help of Rimac company engaged in the supply of this manufacture of electric motors, and battery capacity of 120 kWh. Overall impact indicators of the engine is 900 HP and 2300 Nm, and the maximum speed – 420 km/h.