TOP 5 announcements of the conference EA Play Live 2020

ТОП-5 анонсов конференции EA Play Live 2020

This year, Electronic Arts, and many of the largest publishers of video games, has switched from the usual E3 press conference in Los Angeles on a virtual event EA Play Live.

Conference EA Play Live 2020 was launched on 19 June at 02:00 on the Kiev time. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing The Verge.

During the conference, the company showed a lot of loud announcements from the various gaming divisions of the company, including created Respawn battle Royal Apex Legends and Star Wars. During the conference it also became clear that EA is going to support the Steam versions of its popular PC games and cross-play in order to allow different console platforms and Windows platforms to play together.

Apex Legends

EA Play Live, 2020 Studio, Respawn announced that the game Apex Legends will appear for PC on Steam, and for portable gaming the Nintendo console Switch. The Studio also said that he was going to support the possibility of cross-platform games for all platforms. Thus, players running Apex Legends clients via EA Origin or Steam on PC, will be able to play with users of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Also announced a new seasonal event called Lost Treasures Collection, which adds a new game mode Armed and Dangerous Evolved with limited time. It is reported about introduction of a portable tool for reviving teammates and new possibilities of development of abilities of the player.

Rocket Arena

The company announced that it will release a multiplayer project Rocket Arena on July 14. It’s a shooter, Overwatch, with cartoon animations and a set of 10 characters, each with their own skills and abilities. For each character provides hundreds of levels of development. The game is designed for a younger audience, because it is not blood and murder, and the gameplay is the attempt to push the opponent off the arena. Game Rocket Arena will be distributed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and PC through the services of distribution, Origin and Steam.

Star Wars: Squadrons

After the recent announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons, Electronic Arts showed a gameplay trailer of the game. This game is a multiplayer space arcade first-person shooter (single player campaign is also available). It will allow players to participate in space battles as a pilot of the Empire or the New Republic. The game will be available known to fans of the series space ships like X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber and TIE Reaper. new nearly 6-minute trailer shows a small story, and a space battle mode 5-on-5. The game Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The PlayStation 4 and PC will be available for gameplay in virtual reality.


During the conference EA said it plans to add Steam not only a game Apex Legends, but also A Way Out, Dead Space 3, The Sims 4 and Titanfall 2. This is a significant step for the company, which had previously restricted the dissemination of games with your own platform Origin.

The new game series Skate

At the end of the online press conference of Electronic Arts quite unexpectedly spoke about the revival of the series Skate. So far about this project, very little is known, there is no indicative timeline for its release, or even announcing of the trailer. Game Director Chris Perry said: “It’s a start. Evolution Skate continues.” Note, fans of the series for many years called on the company to release Skate 4. Their requests were heard.