Top 5 cities in the world that Masha Efrosinina will remember for a lifetime – 24 Channel

Топ-5 міст світу, які Маша Єфросиніна запам'ятає на все життя - 24 Канал

Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina loves to travel. The star not only goes on holiday abroad, but also through work. So many cities is already in the list of those in which Masha Efrosinina visited, but only 5 of them will remember her for life.

“What I remember about London? My ties to Magadan? Why do I always want to go back to Barcelona? Where we first became close with my future husband? Why new York is for me linked with romantic memories? Today my roundabout dedicated to the most memorable cities in my life”, announced Masha Efrosinina.

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London, UK

The UK capital was the first foreign city that was visited by Masha Efrosinina. It was a business trip, which the presenter held with Yuriy Gorbunov and creative team.

We went all the way to blisters, walking through the streets of London, went for the big breakfast, we were introduced as the Ukrainian team morning show. It was so bright that for the first time to go abroad and once in London – I will never forget in life
– said Masha Efrosinina.

Barcelona, Spain

It is a Catalan town will always call a TV presenter smile. Masha Efrosinina first went there, accompanied by the then future husband Timur Khromaev. The trip was very intense, and the romantic trip has forever linked the pair.


New York, USA

According to Masha Efrosinina, new York she saw all of it. Her husband Timur Limp studying in the United States, so well known places to visit in the city.

“We with Timur saw all of new York, is distinctive. All this was seasoned with romance and passion, so this city will definitely remain in the list,” said Masha Efrosinina.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Masha Efrosinina went to Argentina on a working visit. There is a star filming scenes in the popular television show “fear Factor”. However, a trip to the picturesque town connected with toxemia, because then the star was carrying the firstborn.

This greatness, combined with new York, Berlin. Huge streets, a boundless city with a tremendous power, zburivka passion and temperament, but poor after the crisis,
recalled Masha Efrosinina.

Magadan, Russia

In this town, Masha Efrosinina lived to 6 years. However, the Magadan presenter vividly remembers. Childhood memories often emerge in celebrities, hence the cold Russian city will forever be the city where she wants to go back thoughts.

See blog of Masha Efrosinina about memorial city (video):


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