TOP 5 emulators for iOS

ТОП-5 эмуляторов iOS

In life there are different situations. Sometimes comes to the fact that you may need the iOS emulator.

To access iOS without buying iPhone is still possible. Though with some reservations. The informant tells the Tech how to do it.

Xcode Simulator

The best solution for testing iOS? applications, which is second only to running on real devices. Simulator is included with Xcode – proprietary development environment for the Apple platforms and mimics the iOS iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS as accurately as possible. The simulator is launched directly from Xcode project. However, even here is created specifically compiled for x86 version to work on Mac. Test it as projects in Objective?C or Swift, and the web? application Simulator reproduces the appearance and behavior of iOS on the device.


Unlike other simulators Appetize is online? solution and operates in any browser including mobile. The service provides access to desktop, iOS, and also allows you to run native application after loading source. Appetize is implemented in the simulation all iOS? devices ranging from the iPhone 4S and iPhone ending 11 Pro Max. In addition there is a choice between different operating system versions, but also debug logging and network logging.


Another online? the simulator, which is in contrast to Appetize is not available as a service, and as an extension for Google Chrome. Ripple is designed to facilitate the development of the web? HTML5 and allows you to test them directly in the browser. When activated on the current page, the simulator restarts and displays it in accordance with the selected settings. Among the options available screen resolution, platform, and data geolocation, accelerometer and a few more options.

Xamarin iOS Simulator

A set of tools for cross? platform development Xamarin is included in Microsoft Visual Studio, and this is the only way to get proper iOS simulator in Windows. However, to use it you need to connect to a remote Mac, which actually works. But simulation are the same as in Xcode. The built-in iOS? simulator Xamarin allows you to test the application without using the iPhone. It has touchscreen support, screenshots and many other useful options. The main advantage of Xamarin is the possibility of developing into a universal format and then deploy it on both iOS and Android without having to rewrite everything from scratch.

Electric Mobile Studio

A useful utility for testing iOS? applications in the Windows environment. Electric Mobile Studio integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, so in the process of writing code, you can immediately debug it, test the display interface, and other components. The simulator has a built-in WebKit rendering engine and debugging tools Google Chrome that simplify development and testing. There is a possibility to switch between profiles of different devices, change the resolution, orientation and many other parameters.

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