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Топ-5 фільмів за участю британського актора Терона Еґертона - 24 Канал

Today, 10 November, Welsh actor Theron Earth celebrates its 28th birthday. LifeStyle 24 the journalists decided to pick up 5 famous films with the participation of the birthday boy.

Theron Earton is one of the most successful actors, whose career is gaining momentum. After graduating from the Royal Academy of dramatic art, he managed to Shine in famous movies and try their hand at music.

Debuted Theron Aerton movie with a cameo role in the TV series “House”. After that, the actor was invited to a number of films that have won the hearts of moviegoers. LifeStyle 24 the journalists decided to pick the 5 most known films in which he played by today’s birthday boy – Theron Earton.

“Kingsman: the secret service”, 2014

Action Comedy, is loosely based on a comic book, has already managed to conquer the web. The plot – the story of a top secret organization that repeatedly saves the United Kingdom. Theron played one of the main roles of the film agent Gary Anna.

See the trailer of “Kingsman: the Secret service” (video):


“Testament of youth”, 2014

In the film “Testament of youth” Eurton Theron played the role of Edward, who is the brother of writer Vera Brittain. With the beginning of the First world war he was sent to the front. In addition, the fiancé of Vera Brittain is also taken into the ranks of the military. The woman does not seek to stand aside from the fighting, so he followed his family and becomes a nurse.

Watch the trailer for the film “Testament of youth” (video):


“Eddie The Eagle, 2016

In the next movie Theron Aerton got the lead role. In the film “Eddie “the eagle”, he played a British skier Eddie Edwards, who first represented the country at the Winter Olympics and showed the result in ski jumping.

Watch the trailer of the movie “Eddie “the eagle” (video):


“Club of billionaires”, 2017

In the film a group of young guys who studied in a well-known private school, came up with a plan to get rich quick. However, much they did not consider, therefore, the desire sebagadis turns against them. One of the main roles is a promising tennis player Dean Kearney has played no less a successful actor Theron Earton.

Watch the trailer for the film “young billionaires” (video):


“Robin Hood: The Beginning”, 2018

Film fans around the world waiting the appearance on the screens the film “Robin hood: the Beginning”. In Ukraine, the premiere of the film will be held on November 29. In the story, a veteran of the Crusades, Robin of Locksley returns from service and understands that the UK is mired in corruption. He decides to join a secret group of thieves and becomes Robin hood.

Watch the trailer for “Robin hood: the Beginning” (video):


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