Top 5 foods for women

Топ-5 продуктов, нежелательных для женщины

Expert advises to eliminate them from your diet

When we care about their figure, it is not only about maintaining harmony, but also the health of the body. While some foods can be very harmful, especially for women, noted nutritionist Elena Cullen on his page in Instagram.

The expert called the top 5 foods that negatively affect a woman’s body, and urged to exclude from their diet or at least minimize their use.


Causing swelling. Contraindicated especially during the week before the critical days. Carefully study product labels.

Coffee and tea

Negatively affect the breast tissue contained in them caffeine increases the level of prolactin. A large number of causes overstimulation of the nervous system and tends to accumulate in the ovaries, is also deteriorating the gut. Tea is preferable to choose herbal coffee to drink no more than 1-2 cups per day.


Increases the level of insulin, which can lead to various inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Causes mood swings and leads to type II diabetes and obesity of internal organs. Should abandon the use of carbonated drinks and packaged juices to substitute for a ground in a blender blend of vegetables, fruits and greens (smoothies). The recommended daily dose of sugar according to the who for women is no more than 9 teaspoons a day.


Violation of the functioning of the ovaries. Negative impact on the formation of eggs, causing their degradation.


Causes a change in metabolism, after which faster weight gain when consuming less food. Due to the preparation of the refined oil chips be a carcinogenic product and increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which leads to the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and dementia.

“Remember that when choosing any food product, it is important to examine the label and note that the ingredient listed first makes up the bulk of the product. The more sugar, salt and fat contained in the product, the more pronounced the taste, often to the detriment of nutritional value,” said Elena.

Топ-5 продуктов, нежелательных для женщины

Топ-5 продуктов, нежелательных для женщины

Топ-5 продуктов, нежелательных для женщины

Топ-5 продуктов, нежелательных для женщины