TOP 5 forbidden foods for dogs

ТОП-5 запрещенных продуктов питания для собак

Many owners often want to share with your beloved pet with something tasty, but do not forget that some of the food dogs is strictly prohibited. To preserve the health of your four-legged friend, you should seriously consider the choice of the diet of its power.

First and foremost, dogs can’t buy any kinds of nuts. Their stomach is not adapted for the digestion of food, so even the harmless walnut can cause a dog intestinal obstruction. Therefore, veterinarians are strongly advised not to experiment with this product and to hide the nuts away from the dog’s eyes. It is not recommended to feed your pet raw eggs. They can be a source of infection. But boiled eggs as the protein source, can be included in the diet of your pet 2-4 times per week, depending on species and individual tolerance. In rare cases, frequent feeding eggs, the dogs may appear flatulence. Observe your pet and adjust his diet.

Some types of bones can also cause the animal harm. A lot of people may not think about. However, if you want to give the dog a bone, it is better to buy a treat at the pet store. After all, when the dog gnaws bone, her body produces endorphins, so to deprive a pet such a pleasure to be unfair. And for a puppy, in the period of change of teeth, bone are a necessity.

Veterinarians are categorically forbidden to give dogs chocolate. The fact that this product contains theobromine. In humans, this substance is metabolized very quickly, and in dogs, it accumulates to toxic concentrations in the tissues of the body and causes severe poisoning. So for them it is a delicacy – a real poison! If you want to pamper your beloved dog with something sweet, treat it with a banana, Apple or dried fruits.

Dogs it is strongly recommended not to feed fried fish. The safest options are either boiled or frozen fish without viscera and head. This treatment killed dangerous parasites, but retains most of the essential nutrients.

ТОП-5 запрещенных продуктов питания для собак

ТОП-5 запрещенных продуктов питания для собак