TOP 5 meat grinders version

ТОП-5 мясорубок по версии

The grinder is an indispensable kitchen appliance for cooking meat and sausages. By regularly improving the features of the modern model of grinder suitable for the most diverse tasks. Online shop “the Stylus” has prepared a selection of functional and affordable modern vehicles with advanced options. The TOP consists of models of different brands of meat grinder Zelmer, Bosch, Philips and other well-known manufacturers.

Zelmer 687.5

Mincer Zelmer 687.5 is the perfect instrument for the realization of culinary delights. Model with capacity of 500 W and a productivity of 1.4 kg per minute to quickly process even large amounts of meat. The device provides a system of reverse (reverse) double sided knife. Included are two racks for meat and a nozzle for sausages. The case of Zelmer meat grinder is made of durable plastic that ensures the safety of the device.

Bosch MFW67440

This model has many interchangeable disks and nozzles, whereby the chopper turns into a versatile food processor. The user drives for the meat, heads for the kebab, they are easily removed and installed by pressing and turning a button. The discs are made of stainless steel, so durable. In addition, they can be washed in the dishwasher. Grinder Bosch operates at a power of 700 W, the capacity is 3.5 kg/min. Rubber feet guarantee the stability in the process.

Moulinex ME 622832

Mincer ME622832 attracts a stylish design: matte black case will fit perfectly into any kitchen interior. Due to the high power motor grinder for a minute can make 2.6 kg of meat. You can quickly “cheat cutlets” for dinner and make semi-finished products for the future. The model boasts simple and easy controls provides the power key and the start button reverse. The developers have provided the engine protection system, which prevents even the smallest bone in the auger.

Rotex RMG202-G Vega

The Rotex brand quickly gained popularity among buyers. The company offers high-quality grinder, which simplify the process of cooking delicious food. Model RMG202-G Vega had engine power of 2 000 watts. To it is attached the head of the screw and the tray of meat. For quick and quality grinding of products meets a cross-shaped knife.

A great addition grinder Rotex RMG202-G Vega is a head-squeezer, with which you can make delicious fresh. Also a meat grinder equipped with a mode of “Reverse”. And the presence of the plastic pusher will help to push the products if they are stuck.

Polaris PMG 1832

Compact and multifunctional electric meat grinder is ready to make perfect beef burgers, sausages or meatballs. Meat grinder Polaris, you can also grate and slice vegetables for soups or salads. Thanks to the sharp blades and high power, you a minute prepare up to 2 kg of meat and it will easily handle stringy meat. Stylish, sleek design grinder will make her look good in any kitchen. Among the protective functions provided in “Reverse” (reverse) and motor protection from overheating.

Buy functional grinder on the website and raduyte relatives of delicious meat delicacies.

ТОП-5 мясорубок по версии

ТОП-5 мясорубок по версии