TOP 5 most anticipated Boxing matches

ТОП-5 наиболее ожидаемых боксерских поединков

Football battles gradually subside, and the fans turn their attention not less than on spectator sports, in particular Boxing. In 2019 we are waiting for some bright duels. Still not agreed, but given the huge public interest, it is only a matter of time.

Floyd Mayweather — Manny Pacquiao

First of all, it concerns the return to the ring of Floyd Mayweather for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. Floyd won in 2015, but a career is not completed. He was fighting a legend of the UFC Conor McGregor, as well as with an unknown Japanese Nasukawa.

Mayweather obviously still full of energy and do not mind showing it. Of course, if he will pay for it. Last meeting with Pacquiao brought him $ 400 million, and now, in the words of Floyd, it will be another nine-digit fee.

As for the chances of victory, analysts Parimatch now believe in the undefeated champion: the chances of Mayweather is estimated at 61% vs 36%, Pacquiao (and 3% on the draw).

Anthony Joshua Tyson Fury

Also many are looking forward to meeting Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury. The main contender for victory is considered to be Joshua, he has 55% to win from the experts Parimatch vs 41% fury (and 4% for a draw).

Chance Anthony could be higher, but the days when fury was underestimated, is clearly passed. No matter how much I missed Tyson, he always finds the strength to continue the fight and strike in response. It felt Deontay Wilder, who was unable to knock out fury.

Saul Alvarez — Gennady Golovkin

In third place in the list of the most anticipated fights — the third series of the Thriller Saul Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin. After a draw in the first leg of the Mexican boxer won on points champion from Kazakhstan. Everything goes to the fact that Alvarez and Golovkin will meet again.

With a championship belt the chances of Saula higher than Gennady: 62% vs. 34% according to analysts Parimatch (4% on a draw). And, of course, should take into account the age difference of boxers, Alvarez is nine years younger and has already gained experience.

Oleksandr Usyk — Alexander Povetkin

Recently it became known that after the transfer of the battle with Carlos takama, the debut of Alexander Usyk in the heavyweight division will be held in August. But it’s not the match of the Mustache with a Cameroonian: interest soon causing a possible meeting of Ukrainian Alexander Povetkin. However, in this case fans of the Mustache, it seems, can not worry — 67% to win from Parimatch against 29% for the Povetkin (and 4% for a draw).

But those who are waiting for the fighting Usyk and Joshua will have to be patient: the heavyweight division is a new challenge for Ukrainian, and while there is much debate about how it will manifest itself.

Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder

Completes the top 5 most anticipated fights possible fight Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Like Tyson fury, Wilder is one of the few who can beat Joshua. While it is estimated that Patimatch his chances are not very high (32% to win vs 64%, Joshua and 4% for a draw). But there is hardly confident that Anthony will find an easy walk. And in the heavyweight division one punch is enough to completely change the course of the match.