TOP 5 most popular myths about intimacy

ТОП-5 самых популярных мифов об интимной близости

As you know, sex is an integral and important part of the lives of women and men. However, the lack of knowledge in this respect gives rise to many false beliefs that can affect the quality of sex life. For readers prepared top 5 popular misconceptions about sex.

Myth # 1. Women began to think more about sex

The porn industry created the image of ideal woman began to love the sex with greater force. However, actually women, as before, want to make love much less often than men.

Myth # 2. Orgasm is not for everyone

In fact, every woman can experience orgasm. A key reason for “anorgasmia” lies in the lack of foreplay and lack the duration of sexual intercourse.

Myth # 3. In life as in the movies

Often many people are insecure in yourself, and love stories unfold in the Caribbean. The discrepancy fantasies realities discourages you to experiment in bed.

Myth # 4. Women looking for profit

To date, 57% of women are ready to support the partner in a difficult financial situation. To the fore the qualities and sexual attractiveness of the partner, and material wealth as an added bonus to the man.

Myth # 5. Female goddess of oral sex

Many women do not want or are not able to please the partner oral pleasure. Often this is due to the received discomfort. But, today, these problems are completely solved.