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Топ-5 міфів про догляд за зубами: пояснення стоматолога - 24 Канал

About caring for the oral cavity, there are many erroneous statements. Dentist dispelled many popular myths about when to brush their teeth, as affected by genetics and stuff.

This was told by the dentist Dmitry Slipchenko, reports “Today”.

Myth # 1. To brush our teeth after Breakfast

Actually, that’s not true – they need to be cleaned before Breakfast. If not to eliminate the germs immediately after waking up, you eat them with Breakfast, as it may harm the stomach. Need to brush your teeth at least 3 minutes.

During the day, after each meal should rinse mouth with water. This will reduce the amount of food residue, respectively, and conditions for reproduction of bacteria.

Топ-5 міфів про догляд за зубами: пояснення стоматолога - 24 Канал

Baby teeth it is important to treat

Myth # 2. Bad teeth through the candy and genetics

Delicate enamel or weak dentin, inherited from parents, is the cause of dental caries. It is caused by some types of streptococci and lactobacilli. To reduce the risk, is after consuming dairy products, rinse mouth with mouthwash. Candy make the environment in your mouth acidic, so bacteria have where to reproduce.

But directly negative impact on the health of teeth does a sweet carbonated water. It contains phosphoric acid, which leaches from the body and enamel of calcium.

Myth # 3. Tea and coffee leach calcium from teeth

These drinks can interfere with the absorption of calcium from foods, for example, when tea or coffee to drink with cheese. Coffee and tea contain oxalic acid, which together with calcium forms insoluble complexes that pass through the body in transit.

Топ-5 міфів про догляд за зубами: пояснення стоматолога - 24 Канал

Teeth should be brushed for 3 minutes

Caffeine oxidizes human cells, so in order to bring the balance of alkalis and acids, the body releases the alkaline reserves of the mineral calcium.

Myth # 4. The more paste, the cleaner the mouth

A large amount of pasta creates a large amount of foam – one will spit the foam, actively goes out of his mouth and tries to flow into the throat, so spitting out the toothpaste teeth will not be cleaner.

Myth # 5. Baby teeth can not be treated

Black on milk teeth and holes do not always cause pain, so many parents consider a waste of money for treatment because the teeth will fall out anyway. They will fall, but the bacteria will have time to spoil the health of the gums, then the permanent teeth can start to deteriorate immediately.

Топ-5 міфів про догляд за зубами: пояснення стоматолога - 24 Канал

Tea and coffee leach calcium from teeth

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