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ТОП-5 цитат Порошенко на "Общественном"

Tonight in the Studio of the “Public” was made by the head of state Petro Poroshenko. Initially, the format of the ether assumed the debates Poroshenko and Zelensky, but the showman for the shooting has not arrived.The website “Today” gives 5 key points of the President.

“This incompetence directly threatens the security of the state… Business partners Zelensky suspected of money laundering and embezzlement. Ukraine will not stand in a state of war such a shock to the financial sector and the economy… Under the wrapper and will come true wolves. I am opposed to Ukraine again paid a huge price, bringing people to the square… a Person who has no experience will lead other people, including from-for borders of our state… But I don’t deny that Ukraine requires update authority. And during the parliamentary elections we can conduct the reformation coalition.”

“Risks in connection with change of the President that the case of independence will be destroyed – they exist. But I am proud that I have never interfered in court cases, including the case of independence. This is directly prohibited by law. But as a citizen I am deeply not satisfied with the progress and pace of the investigation. For me, this question is very personal. I’m not willing to accept the activities of the investigating authorities, when, after five years of investigation we have almost no people in jail. I think 5 years is more than enough. I will not interfere further and I would be happy if the President will not be pointing finger point – who is guilty and who is not. But I’m not giving anyone the possibility to negotiate with the investigation. Reformed the judicial branch will make the decisions.”

“The key to peace and to liberation of prisoners is not in Kiev, Brussels and Washington, he located in Moscow. Putin completely stopped the exchange, the issuance of Ukrainian prisoners of war, political prisoners. There are no meetings at the international level, where I would not have raised this issue and the issue of the Crimean Tatars. Ibelieve immediately after my win on wyborami will resume the dialogue in “channel format”, and in June we will raise the issue of the release military and political prisoners, which will occur no later than the firsthalf of the year 2019″.

“The unpleasant part is for my opponent’s position: when he called the Russian mercenaries and regular military forces of the Russian Federation “rebels of the LC and the DNI.” Why is it important? For 5 years we have formed a global coalition in support of Ukraine. 5 years we have proved to the world that we have – the Russian aggression.This position means that we don’t have Russia, Ukrainians are fighting with themselves, the “DPR” has a certain status, what we have here is a civil war.I suggest Vladimir Zelensky to decide how to explain it to Ukrainians and the whole world: or it is total incompetence and “little green men” also recognizes the “rebels”, or it is connected with the unit, which uses Russian propaganda.We need a competent person who will not allow themselves to make such mistakes”.

“We need to strengthen the competence of the security organs, and that these structures must ensure the safety. The right to bear arms must be trained and prepared people”.

We have previously privodilo-5 bright quotes Poroshenko and Zelensky in the debate.

Recall that after the debate on the “Olympic,”Poroshenko arrived at the debate in “Public”. However, his opponent Vladimir Zelensky was not.

The President explained cloresil to go, because it is a direct requirement of the law. Also Poroshenko said, came there in the Studio Vladimir Zelensky. It turned out that it will not. Therefore, the President decided to choose the format of the questions, but asked for 5 minutes opening remarks 5 minutes of the final.

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ТОП-5 цитат Порошенко на "Общественном"