Top 5 signs of intolerance to coffee

Топ-5 признаков непереносимости кофе

From drinking coffee is better to refuse – especially in case of intolerance to caffeine or allergic to caffeine. Doctors called top 5 signs of intolerance to coffee.

Stomach hurts. Stomach pain after drinking coffee is one of the signs that you may have intolerance to the caffeine. This drink has the ability to provoke pain symptoms in the stomach, heartburn symptoms and exacerbation of gastritis. The fact is that in coffee there is caffeine and catechol – substances which stimulate the release of hydrochloric acid, which may irritate the gastric mucosa.

Heart palpitations. Caffeine greatly increases the heart rate and blood pressure, so after a Cup of coffee (especially on empty stomach) can have the feeling of tachycardia. If health is fine and only the caffeine is causing these feelings, you can check the reaction by reducing the amount of consumed coffee. If still there is a heart, it is better to get checked out by your doctor – such a reaction is possible with existing chronic cardiovascular disorders. Either it really is an individual intolerance.

Diarrhea. Urge to the toilet after drinking coffee in the absence of other apparent causes, can also be a symptom of intolerance. In this case, coffee should be discarded, rather than using it as a laxative. Stimulating peristalsis, coffee promotes accelerated gastric emptying, and promotion in the digestive tract not fully digested food, which might lead to inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Tremor. Coffee activates many biological mechanisms, including those systems that do not work in full force. Do not have to abuse of coffee – even one Cup can lead to tremor.

Headache. Its occurrence after coffee suggests increased sensitivity to caffeine. Drink stimulates not only the brain, and cardiovascular system due to the emission of large quantities of adrenaline. This increases the pressure, get a headache. Hypersensitivity of the cardiovascular system to caffeine means that drinking it can cause the violation up to a heart attack or stroke.