Top 5 tire manufacturers on the basis of sales in 2018

5 лучших производителей шин по итогам продаж в 2018 году

German analysts conducted a study to find out the amount of profit earned by companies in 2018 from the sale of tires.

The leader of the rating became the Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone.

The leader of sales. In the past year the company’s sales brought her a profit of $ 24 billion 247 million euros, compared with the previous year more by 7.48%. The company produces several types of products, offering a rich selection of winter and summer tires.

Among current models for the summer is:

  • Tyres for sports riding
  • Off road tires
  • Road

The manufacturer promises a smooth ride, low noise level, braking distance depending on the chosen model. Road tyres have a size range from R12 to R19 and also standing out for its features. A high level of controllability and dynamism of the vehicle is ensured even when driving on concrete or in adverse conditions.

Tires crossovers allow you to ride at great speed to protect the car from damage.

Michelin. One of the most popular manufacturers in the world from Germany only got to second place, increasing revenue by 0.31% and earned in the past year to 21 billion 587 million euros.

In assortment of the company there are summer, winter and all-season models, offering high quality. Release engineers products:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks

According to the manufacturer, high quality rubber provides a good grip with the asphalt and provides a better handling of the vehicle on turns.

Goodyear. Goodyear won the third place in the ranking by sales of tires in the past year, allowing the products to 13 billion 515 million euros, a growth of 5.41%. The manufacturer renowned for their quality tyres, which was established over 100 years ago. Mostly products are produced with the expectation of SUVs.

Continental. Couldn’t be in the TOP 3 manufacturer Continental. Last year, he sold tires 11 billion 352 million euros, with an increase of 0.23%.

Sumitomo. Sumitomo was able to win only the fifth place in the global ranking of companies for the production of tires for different types of cars. The total profit amounted to 2018 6 billion 103 million euros, while the percentage reached increases by 8.92%.

Result. Every driver tries to protect your car, and therefore the choice of tyres is a difficult task. In the ranking of producers of top quality tires in the past year the leadership positions were taken by Bridgestone, whose products chosen by the car owners.

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5 лучших производителей шин по итогам продаж в 2018 году

5 лучших производителей шин по итогам продаж в 2018 году

5 лучших производителей шин по итогам продаж в 2018 году