TOP 5 unusual cars in the SUV segment 2019

ТОП-5 необычных автомобилей в сегменте внедорожников 2019

In today’s automotive world is rapidly growing class of crossovers.

Therefore, the manufacturer in order to impress a potential client with a new SUV, you want to offer a special car. This can be a super powerful car or its permeability should surprise everyone.

Among the off-road models recently allocated several cars interesting concepts:

Hennessey VelociRaptor. Idea machine simple. On a strong frame with three axles is mounted a pickup truck with a crew cab. One of the biggest off-road car stands out for its power characteristics. The 3.5 l motor is configured to return 613 HP, enough for acceleration of a heavy truck “before the hundred” in 5.2 seconds. Torque recorded at 843 Nm. The car in the rich and powerful version released only in quantity of 50 pieces. The minimum price – from 150 000 dollars.

Rezvani Tank. New American brand produces some of the most expensive SUVs in the world. New model with outer appearance can be equipped with engines of incredible power. So, in the richest version of the car was the engine capacity of 6.4 liters, which is sufficient for obtaining impact at the level of 1014 HP now Have the most powerful production car in the design of many components from other cars brands Dodge, Wrangler. The machine is sold at a price of 187 thousand dollars. For this price, the SUV offers maximum internal comfort, good driving manners.

Ram Rebel TRX. The pickup truck was intended as a more modern rival to the Ford F-150. With similar overall dimensions, the car stands out electronic controlled differential, which in combination with plenty of power and clearance gives the truck an impressive ability off-road. Model Rebel TRX available engines: 3.5 mm (450 HP), 5.2 l (575 HP) and a forced Assembly Dodge with a return of 1 500 HP

The Land Rover Defender. Updated “rogue” lost frame and traditional bridges. But at the same time, the car kept excellent permeability due to the intelligent electronics and a large clearance. From the standard 261 mm due to the air suspension could lift the body to the value of 336 mm. To versions 90 (3 door) and 110 (5 door) added Defender 130 with three rows of seats.

Toyota FJ Cruiser. The designers of the Japanese company introduced the car of the second generation. However, the early SUV of fame not earned. Machine is trying to compete with the models of Hummer and Land Rover. Japanese engineers copied in part Spartan interior, push flaunting off-road elements – angular body, high ground clearance, brutal appearance. Machines are available for motors ranging from 239 to 260 HP

As a conclusion. The circulation of these SUVs is hardly even counted in hundreds of instances. Except that the Defender will find its way. Same Toyota until released altogether in a single instance. The car is waiting for orders myself, but in the end unlikely.