TOP 6 features of Viber, which not many people know

ТОП-6 возможностей Viber, которые не многие знают

The popularity of Viber in Ukraine most vividly illustrates the statistical data messenger installed on 97.9% of the smartphones of citizens. However, despite this, many users do not exploit it at 100. We will present six features which few people know. Some of these developers Viber introduced a few years ago, and some appeared recently.

Viber on PC

Do you know about the PC version? If Yes, then skip to the next paragraph, and if not, then we will present briefly some of the features. Similarly, mobile application, desktop version has the same functions. You can also chat via video and audio links, send text messages, branded stickers and Emoji. At the same time, to complement the established on the smartphone, all data is synchronized automatically. By the way, PC-version of the application in Ukraine are 94% of students studying remotely.

Unique stickers

If you Express emotions in words is difficult, then coming to the rescue sticker. Someone will notice that this is not news, but what about the labels, created his own? Viber provides the ability to store up to 24 unique sticks, the basis for which will serve any image from your gadget. You can add a variety of labels and stickers and cut out a “magic wand” face contour. Now this feature is compatible with Android devices, but on iOS systems, it will appear in the near future.

Timer deleting messages

Those who use “secret chat” Viber, probably know that there sent messages disappear within a certain period of time. A similar opportunity will appear in the normal chat. Although the developers of the messenger so far only announced the feature, but it will be unique.

My notes

In addition to providing regular communication, Viber is developing in terms of adding convenient features for everyday tasks. For six months as the application has a section “Notes”. You sistematizarea everyday tasks as you complete you can mark a “tick”. In addition, it is also possible to store media files and links. By the way, synchronization with PC-version automatically.


This is one of the latest innovations Viber, which will remind you about any case. In fact work is a chat-bot. That is to start communication, you must create a separate chat. This should be typed in the Internet search engine gadget or PC “Viber forget-me-not”, go on a specially created page at the official website of the messenger and click on “Open now”. Next, the bot will tell you how to use the “forget-Me-not” directly when you open the chat.