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Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал

From August 1 to August 7, celebrate world week of breastfeeding support. It would seem, why to support this natural process? Take it and feed. But all is not so simple. Society is so distorted and falsely has information about breastfeeding, that the process was painful, difficult and often unacceptable.

Why does this happen? In our opinion, because of the lack of adequate information. What the truth should be known not only parents, but all. It was under this situation will not be stupid advice, opinion, conviction. Which occur mostly due to simple ignorance. People need to understand the mechanism of breast-feeding and why do you need. To Day support of GW (so reduce breastfeeding) edition of the 24 channel I collected the most common myths about breastfeeding and try to debunk.

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
Around the world conduct campaigns in support of GW

Myth # 1: it hurts

No, breastfeeding is not painful. If the woman applies the right of the child and adheres to the rules of successful guards. In order not to have problems with attachment, I advise you to read the information before the birth of the child, courses for parents or professionals. Yes, there is a profession of thoracic consultant. They can help the woman to establish lactation and feed with pleasure. Do not breast physician (the physician who is engaged in the Breasts) or the nurse in the hospital, and through the consultant.

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
Breastfeeding or formula feeding – choose each

Basic rules for successful feeding:

– the child must capture not only the nipple but the whole areola;
– check the bridle niemowlaka (in case of problems – it is easy to fix);
– feed on demand of the child at least every 2 hours;
– co-sleep and sling – satellites successful GW, although not essential;
– avoid bottles and fools;
– do not massage the breast, not “temper” nipples, it’s a silly myths which can harm;
– wear comfortable clothes for feeding, sleep without a bra;
– solid foods (water, too) only after 6 months signs of readiness of the child to taste the food;
– mom needs to get maximum of positive emotions and to relax.

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No. 2: not all women have milk

Regarding emotions want to tell you more. Mom’s positive attitude is necessary for the mechanism of milk production. So, about the mechanism. In order to generate breast milk – the essential 2 hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. Oxytocin – the hormone of joy, so a woman needs to experience positive emotions, relax and enjoy motherhood.

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
Guards should be interested in and mom and dad

The more and longer an infant at the breast – the more milk. Milk arrives during the initiation, there is no “empty breast”, “nepeivoda milk”, etc. All breast milk is the perfect composition for your niemowlaka. By the way, “non-dairy” women are also no more than a myth. Because lactation can cause even the woman who did not give birth. Only a tiny percentage of women truly cannot breastfeed. The majority of cases, when infants are transferred to the mixture is not the establishment of lactation, and not a physical problem. So, having dealt with the mechanism, you will understand that neither homeopathy, lactation teas, traditional methods do not affect the quantity and especially the quality of milk.

3: if GW needed a strict diet

We have already briefly mentioned the power of a woman who feeds. So, despite the widespread belief that in HS it is necessary to adhere to strict diets – this is not true. Breastfeeding women can eat regular healthy food. Including chocolate, coffee and fresh fruit.

It is believed that a strict diet of mom will help baby with colic. However, colic is the development of the nervous system and to the power supply it has nothing. If we are talking about gases, it is individually for each niemowlaka. Only certain products can cause the child discomfort, but may not be any. It is just necessary to have a measure and observe.

Another reason for the advice the mother to live with the Holy spirit – Allergy. Allergy is also an individual matter. Here again you have to watch. And often Allergy is confused with neonatal acne (a rash in the first months of a child caused by maternal hormones).

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
The most important first months

Therefore, lactating women can and should eat tasty and varied. The more delicious food promotes positive emotions, which (as we have seen) required for HS. Regarding drinking. It is not necessary to drink 3 liters of juice, how often advises older generation. Women who are nursing should drink, like everyone else, at the rate of 30 ml water per 1 kg of weight per day. Cow’s and goat’s milk also does not help that cause discomfort in mothers, it is difficult to digest. And lactation teas – just marketing.

No. 4: breast-feeding spoils the figure

No. Every breast-feeding is loss calories. Therefore, on the contrary, breastfeeding can help to lose weight after pregnancy. By the way, during HS sports. Stories that disappear the milk is not quite true. Important to have moderation and to engage in comfortable underwear. And, of course, do not start to engage until it is fully restored the body: 6 weeks – you can begin light exercise, 6 months, usual physical activity. Of course, if there are no contraindications.

Guards can ruin the shape of your Breasts? Yes, it can happen. But due to the wrong termination GW. If a woman gradually stops breastfeeding, without the aid of drugs (this is extremely dangerous), the chest will recover for some time and will look like until the baby is born. The main thing is to watch your weight. After a sharp loss or weight gain is much more dangerous for the breast.

But the failure even to breast feed just can negatively affect the appearance of Breasts… by the way, according to statistics, women who breast-feed are much less likely to suffer from breast cancer.

No. 5: feed after a year – bad

Another widespread myth is that to feed the child only until such time until it begins to eat adult food. Or a maximum of up to one year. Then the milk is, like, not helpful and the child can get too attached to mom. So, this idea of absolute unfounded. According to Ministry of health, who and UNICEF, breastfeeding should continue until 2 years or more. Of course, the limit sets each woman herself, it is her body. Nevertheless, feeding after a year is beneficial and useful to the child. After all, GW is not only a way of eating for niemowlaka, that feeling of protection, of communication with the mother.

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
Breastfeeding after a year is important for mom and baby

No. 6: HB – it is difficult

And here and there. Breastfeeding is natural and if you will succeed, easily. Food for niemowlaka mom is always with you, the right temperature and composition. If GW don’t need to think about bottles, sterilizing, preheating, measuring the temperature of the mixture. And what to speak about the economy?

Топ-6 міфів про грудне вигодовування: що необхідно знати - 24 Канал
This mom copes

Many believe that the mother who is breastfeeding linked to child. But it’s not. You can always pump and freeze the milk. This allows the mother to absent himself even for a few days. And children after a year are put to the breast less often. So mom can safely go to work and not break is the baby needs breastfeeding. There are many examples when mothers go to work in 3-4 months remoulade and successfully fed for up to 2 years and longer.

Knowing all this, it is unlikely that people will resent public feeding. Or too surprised that Europeans are fed babies in the Parliament, but in General, young mothers are living usual life: meeting friends, traveling, sport, aircraft.

I want to emphasize that breastfeeding is an individual choice of the woman. Nobody has the right to force her to GW. The woman sets the framework, while feed and General feed. And impose GW just do not like to refuse him.

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