TOP 7 excuses for speeding

ТОП-7 оправданий превышения скорости

American insurance portal Car Insurance published a funny statistic. Experts have found out what are the excuses most often used by drivers caught by the cops for speeding.

Specialists portal Car Insurance conducted a survey of 1,000 American drivers, to see how often they exceed the speed limit. The study unexpectedly revealed that American guards are not alien to anything human. In more than half of the cases, drivers come up with a decent excuse, managed to avoid a fine for speeding.

The most popular excuses are:

I did not know that exceed (24%)

I’m late for work (18%)

I’m going, as all (14%)

I’m in no hurry to withdraw/take the child (11%)

I’m in a hurry to the hospital (11%)

I didn’t see the speed limit sign (11%)

I need the toilet (9%)

Among the most original excuses were met late: to the court (8%), funeral (3%), to a concert or sports match (2%) and out (2%). And finally, 10 people out of thousands said hurry home before it gets cold the food they just bought.

Experts have found that favorite excuse of men and women are different. For example, women often say they just didn’t know that driving too fast. Men are more likely to explain the rush of meeting with friends or going to a concert/match. Interestingly, men are twice more likely than women to ask police give a warning. But you get it twice as often.